Two Little Girls Sat 6 Feet Apart and Yelled Compliments to People and It's a Whole Mood

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 23 2020, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET

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We all need a bright spot in these dark times. It's especially hard when you start to think about all the little kids out there who aren't able to go to school, see their friends, and continue their educations in an ideal fashion. 

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Bur Bret Turner's Twitter thread is here to make you feel a little better. His 5-year-old daughter and her neighbor have been spending their days sitting at least six feet away from each other on the sidewalk, yelling compliments to people who walk by, and it's the cutest, most uplifting thing. 

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Having your shirt match your dog? Iconic move. Didn't get past these two little girls. I would argue that screaming compliments is just as useful as most of kindergarten, so I have a feeling these two will be just fine.

Most of elementary school is learning to interact with others and form connections anyway, so I'd say they're nailing it. Also, the content of their compliments is simply unmatched. They've come up with a unique and creative thing to say to each person who passes by. 

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Honestly, I would pay actual money to get a compliment like this shouted at me as I walked by. We're all fragile right now. We need these adorable, creative rays of sunshine in our lives. And we deserve them!

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OK, so that last one is more of a compliment to herself, but that's OK. They're learning and trying, and that's the point! Giving good compliments is an art, and when these girls are a little older, they're going to be compliment-giving masters. 

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Bret even acknowledges that some of their compliments don't quite qualify, but that's OK because they are making the effort. 

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Kids have no filter; they learn that when they're older. In response to Bret's thread, one mom shared that her daughter once told her, "Mama, your bum feels like pudding and I love pudding!" Hilarious, and definitely a compliment in her daughter's eyes, but not exactly how most people would want their bums to be described.

Back to Bret's daughter and her friend: Of course, with any fun venture, there's always one person who comes along and ruins it. This happened to be a person who brought up the dreaded "s" word (school). 

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Way to go, guy. Let's not remind these little girls who are trying to brighten your day that their entire lives have been turned upside down! 

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But I doubt they will be deterred for long. Bret mentioned that they absolutely love giving compliments about people's masks. One of their best? "YOUR MASK COVERS *SO* MUCH OF YOUR FACE I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! GREAT JOB!"

Basically, these little girls are the cheerleaders we need right now. They're the positive force we deserve. I think everyone should probably get in the habit of complimenting everyone they see walk by every day. It would do us a world of good.

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