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The 'Lost' Finale Aired 10 Years Ago — Where Is the Cast Now?


May. 22 2020, Updated 12:09 p.m. ET

Believe it or not, but it's been 10 years since we said goodbye to the hit ABC drama Lost and the passengers from Oceanic Flight 815

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After 10 years, see the 'Lost' cast then and now.

While the final episode has gone down as one of the most controversial finales in TV ever, the series was groundbreaking with its ambitious concept (who could forget the flash sideways?), well-developed characters, and thought-provoking plots. 

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the finale, scroll on to see the Lost cast then and now. 

1. Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard)

jack lost now
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From the pilot, it was clear that Lost was centrally focused on Jack. Shortly after the crash, he became the leader of the survivors, and his medical skills came in handy when treating the initial injuries of the crash victims. 

At the end of the series, Jack is visited by his dad and he realizes that he died. He entered the church in the series finale to reunite with his fellow flight passengers, and he's greeted by his love Kate Austen.

Matthew Fox's last film credit was Bone Tomahawk in 2015.

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2. Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen)

kate austen lost now
Source: ABC/Instagram

One main storyline for much of Lost was the love triangle between Kate, Sawyer, and Jack. In the finale, she ultimately picked Jack before they all "moved on."

As for what Evangeline is up to these days, she got into a bit of hot water after she made some controversial comments about the coronavirus (which she later apologized for), and she's starred as the Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame. She hasn't appeared on a TV show since Lost ended.

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3. Josh Holloway (James "Sawyer" Ford)

sawyer lost now
Source: ABC/Instagram

Sawyer was a love-to-hate or hate-to-love character, as he was more than just a little rough around the edges. While many viewers wanted him to end up with Kate, it was hard to deny his chemistry with Dr. Juliet Burke. The two ended the series in the afterlife together.

In the years since Lost went off the air, Josh starred as the lead on the U.S.A. series Colony. 

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He was also a series regular for the third season of Yellowstone, and he appeared in an episode of the Apple TV+ show Amazing Stories.

Josh is also the dad of Hunter and Java, who he shares with wife Yessica Kumala. He proposed to Yessica after he finished shooting the pilot of Lost. 

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4. Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)

linus lost now
Source: ABC/Instagram

Ben was such a villainous character when he made his Lost debut in Season 2 (remember when he went by the alias Henry Gale?), but by the end, even he had showcased some redeeming qualities.

After Lost, Ben was the lead Harold Fincher on the CBS drama Person of Interest. He now stars on the CBS series Evil.

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5. John Locke (Terry O'Quinn)

Source: ABC/Getty

Locke was a polarizing figure on Lost, to say the least, but there's no denying that his resourcefulness and tracking skills helped the Oceanic flight survivors on the island. In the finale, he makes amends with Ben and moves on to the afterlife with the other passengers sans his wheelchair.

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After Lost, actor Terry O'Quinn had a stint on Hawaii Five-O (which, at the time, also starred Daniel Dae Kim aka Jin from Lost), and he starred on the short-lived series' 666 Park Avenue and Secrets and Lies. His most recent credit is the 2019 show Emergence, which was also canceled after one season.

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6. Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes)

hurley lost now
Source: ABC/Instagram

Hurley was definitely a fan favorite on the show, and he provided some much needed funny moments when the other Oceanic 815 survivors were getting down. In the series finale, he gets a brief reunion with Libby (Cynthia Watros), who had tragically died seasons earlier.

Following his role on Lost, Jorge has appeared in a slew of comedies, including the 2020 Netflix film The Wrong Missy. He also had a regular role on Hawaii Five-O from Season 4 to the show's conclusion.

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7. Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton)

Source: ABC/Getty

In the beginning of Lost, Claire was the gentle-hearted, pregnant woman who was the object of Charlie's care and affection. In the final episode, she and Charlie finally get to reunite in the afterlife.

Emilie's post-Lost career includes playing Belle on the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Her latest role was in the 2019 TV film A Lover Scorned.

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8. Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace

Source: ABC/Getty

Remember the days when Dominic Monaghan and Matthew Fox were feuding (though it was mainly one-sided on Dominic's part)? It was a much simpler time. He also dated Evangeline Lilly from 2004 to 2009.

Though Charlie technically died in Season 3 after drowning to help the other survivors, he returned in the finale, along with the other dead characters. 

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9. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin-Soo Kwon)

jinsoo lost now
Source: ABC/Getty

Though Jin and Sun's relationship wasn't always smooth sailing, he made the decision to stay with her after the submarine accident in Season 6. The two characters drowned, and they got their happy ending in the flash sideways with a baby.

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Since his days on the ABC drama, Dominic has starred in a slew of movies and, most recently, appeared in the 2019 film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

He's also the host of the nature docu-series Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

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Daniel has definitely had an active career since the hit ABC drama went off the air in 2010. He had a starring role on Hawaii Five-O, which he left over a salary dispute after Season 7. He's since had recurring roles on The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, and Flack. He also appeared in the 2019 Netflix comedy movie Always Be My Maybe.

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10. Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle

boone lost now
Source: ABC/Instagram

Before Ian Somerhalder played supernatural heartthrob Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, he was the Oceanic 815 survivor Boone Carlyle. He was one of the first castaways to die, and he didn't make it past the first season. But, he did have a cameo in the finale, when the survivors reunited in the afterlife. 

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Aside from his iconic role in TVD, Ian has also played a vampire in the Netflix series V Wars. He's also married to fellow screen vampire Nikki Reed from Twilight, and the two share daughter Bodhi together. 

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11. Maggie Grace (Shannon Rutherford)

shannon lost now
Source: ABC/Getty

Though she had a strange relationship with stepbrother Boone Carlyle, Shannon did have a fantastic character redemption during her short stint on the show. She went from being a spoiled, dependent brat to the love interest of Sayid. She was tragically shot and killed in Season 2, but she returned at the end of the series finale. 

Since the show, Maggie Grace has had recurring roles on Californication and Fear the Walking Dead, in addition to her guest appearances on other shows. 

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She also played Liam Neeson's daughter in the Taken franchise. Interestingly, Maggie appeared in the final two Twilight movies alongside her stepbrother from Lost aka Ian Somerhalder's real life wife, Nikki Reed.

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12. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

juliet lost now
Source: ABC/Getty

Juliet was originally sent to the island because the women on it could not sustain viable pregnancies. Though she was supposed to be Ben's spy, she ultimately bonded with the Oceanic 815 survivors, and she forged a lasting love connection with Sawyer. 

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In the flash sideways, Juliet and Sawyer reunite in the hospital (after she did an ultrasound on Sun's baby) and they remember their romance.

Elizabeth Mitchell had a guest arc on Once Upon a Time, and she had recurring features on Dead of Summer and Crossing Lines. 

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13. Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah)

Source: ABC/Getty

Sayid's sacrifice to run with the bomb in Season 6 was very much in line with his character. Thankfully, he got to reunite with Season 1 love Shannon in the church in the finale. 

After the show, Naveen appeared in the cult Netflix hit Sense8, and his most recent TV spot was on the police procedural Instinct.

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14. Yunjin Kim (Sun-Hwa Kwan)

Source: ABC/Getty

Sun was also a victim of the Season 6 submarine incident, and she begged Jin to save himself. The two evidently got their wish of parenthood in the flash sideways after years of heartache.

Since Lost, Yunjin had a starring role on the ABC nighttime soap opera Mistresses and the South Korean series Ms. Ma, Nemesis. She is set to be in the upcoming film Confession too.

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