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Source: Netflix

'Lost Girls' Takes a New Look at the Tragic Death of Shannan Gilbert


"Honestly, who spends this much time looking for a missing hooker?" wonders a police investigator in a crucial scene of the Lost Girls trailer. 

The forthcoming Netflix drama revolves around Mari Gilbert's (Amy Ryan) relentless fight against systematic injustice, charting her years-long campaign urging the police to launch an in-depth investigation into the case of her missing daughter. Based on a true story, Lost Girls sheds new light on the police bias affecting sex workers up until this day. 

'Lost Girls' chronicles Mari Gilbert's battle against systematic bias.

The one-hour and 35-minutes-long drama takes Shannan Gilbert's disappearance as the starting point. The 24-year-old New-Jersey-native went missing on May 1, 2010, after visiting a client based near Oak Beach, N.Y. She was last seen screaming outside one of the houses, notes a 2016 article by NBC

Her last ever phone call was to 911, during which she told an operator that someone was trying to kill her.