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These Are *OBVIOUSLY* the Best 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Memes



By now, you've either succumbed to the hype around Netflix's Love Is Blind and binge-watched all 10 episodes because the show is simultaneously wild and already has a higher success rate than most dating shows, or you're adamantly against learning what all the buzz is about. 

If you're the first type of person, then you likely watched the YouTube reunion special as soon as it was released, and you're dying over the fact that Giannina and Damian reconciled right after he left her at the altar, that Diamond forgave Carlton after he called her wig a mess, and that Lauren and Cameron are still as perfect as you remembered. 

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Other revelations included Amber being more than upset at Jessica for trying to infringe on her relationship with Barnett, and Kenny moving on with a new woman in the wake of his split from Kelly.  

Read below for the best Love Is Blind reunion memes that will have you cackling in your pod. From people wanting only the best for Kenny to Amber's beef with Jessica, these memes encapsulated the best moments from the reunion special. 

1. To no one's surprise, everyone was obsessed with Lauren on the show.

The undeniable fan favorite couple on Love Is Blind was Lauren and Cameron. They were the first couple to get engaged (in Episode 1 no less) and they were both captivated by one another as soon as they met in person. 

During the reunion, multiple men on the show revealed that they also had strong relationships with Lauren before Cameron got down on one knee. Damian and Kenny admitted that they both found Lauren to be a knockout once they saw her in person.

2. Viewers wanted the entire reunion to be about Cameron and Lauren.

There was a lot that needed to be discussed on the reunion, but people were confused as to why Lauren and Cameron didn't get more screen time. They were everyone's favorite couple, but viewers only got a few updates about their post-marriage life. 

3. Mark clearly didn't watch the show because it seems like he'd take Jessica back.

It was clear to viewers from the start that Jessica was not that into Mark, but we hoped his desperate attempts to hold onto the relationship were really just a result of good editing. Alas, during the reunion, Mark said a few things that implied that he might be interested in reconciling with his ex. Either he didn't watch the same show as the rest of the world, or he's really hoping that she'll finally make him that Italian beef.

4. No matter what she says, Jessica is still into Barnett.

Though Jessica tried to blame her flirtatious and inappropriate behavior at Barnett's birthday party on being over-served whiskey, everyone (including her castmates) could tell that Jessica would have ended things with Mark in a heartbeat if Barnett wanted to get together with her. 

Amber did call Jessica out for stepping over the line, and she went as far as to call her "shiesty" and fake. Viewers were living for Amber's words toward Jessica, and many thought Jessica looked terrified.   

Amber revealed on the reunion that she and Barnett have not always had good times in the year since they got married. She admitted that she considered getting a divorce lawyer at one point, but that the two had since figured out how to live together happily. Of course, many Twitter users took that admission to be an open door for Jessica. 

5. Nobody was buying Amber's statement about being fully independent.

Out of all of the moments that viewers got to see from the couples, Amber was often the most vulnerable. While in the pods, Amber admitted that she had an abortion after her ex-boyfriend pressured her into getting one. 

When she toured Barnett's Atlanta house after their engagement, Amber admitted that she was in debt from attending college, that she only had one credit card (which was exclusively for makeup), and that she didn't like to work. 

On the reunion, Amber defended this conversation and assured viewers that she was not financially dependent on Barnett. 

6. Viewers were more than happy for Kenny and his new girlfriend.

When Vanessa and Nick Lachey asked for a show of hands as to who was in a relationship during the reunion, there was an odd number. That's because Kenny is happily in a relationship more than a year after Kelly left him at the altar. But, Kelly also revealed that she wanted to continue to date Kenny.

Many were thrilled for Kenny, and others hoped that Kelly was feeling regret for letting such a good guy go. 

7. Nobody knew how to feel about Carlton and Diamond's exchange.

Carlton and Diamond walked so Giannina and Damian could run in the breakup department. From the moment Carlton and Diamond met, it was clear that things were not going to end well for them. For starters, Carlton hadn't told Diamond about being bisexual yet, which ultimately made Diamond feel like he hadn't been fully open in the pods. When they broke up, Diamond's engagement ring was thrown in the pool, Diamond quoted Beyonce, and Carlton made fun of her wig. 

On the reunion, the two seemed to patch things up. Carlton explained that he didn't ever think that Diamond was biphobic and that he was wrong for going off on her in the way that he did. For her part, Diamond said that she was just caught off guard with Carlton's announcement. 

While some found Carlton's friendship proposal (with the ring retrieved from the pool) to be a nice moment, others found it to be too contrived. 

Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now. The reunion special can be streamed on YouTube. You can see all the reunion moments that people can't get enough of below. 

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