TikTok Users Are Checking the Loyalty of Their Significant Others With a Test

The TikTok loyalty test is one way for users to test the loyalty of their significant others, and many want to know exactly what the test is.


Jun. 30 2021, Published 10:52 a.m. ET

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On platforms like TikTok, some trends burn bright and fade fast, but others last much longer. The loyalty test has been popular on the platform for quite some time, but some users are still unsure exactly what it is, or how to take part themselves. As it turns out, loyalty tests are pretty common, and they're one of the easiest trends to take part in on TikTok, as long as you have a significant other.

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What is the loyalty test on TikTok?

The loyalty test on TikTok is designed to entrap a person's significant other to determine how loyal they are to their partner. Often, it involves one half of a couple asking a friend or someone they follow on TikTok to send a direct message to their significant other. The message that gets sent is usually at least a little flirtatious, and it's designed to determine how loyal a person's partner really is.

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If the partner is honest with this person, and says that they have a girlfriend or aren't interested in talking, they pass the test. If they lie, or make it seem like they're interested, they fail.

Although some people probably do pass the loyalty test, the most popular TikTok videos often chronicle the failures, mostly because they're much more dramatic.

Some TikTok users have become loyalty test pros.

There are plenty of users who have only done a few loyalty tests, but there are also a few who have a reputation for doing them all the time. One such user, Hayley Martin, whose handle is @hayleymartin012, previously offered her services up to those who follow her free of charge. All you needed to do was send her a message with your (typically male) partner's Instagram handle.

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From there, Hayley would send your partner a direct message and do her best to tempt them. As Hayley's videos revealed, even men who initial seem to be loyal to their partners eventually reveal themselves to be more sinister. One man initially rebuffed Hayley's interest, saying that he already had a girlfriend. When she followed up by asking if she could be his sidepiece, though, he said that he already had a few.

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Hayley's services do mean that she may talk about your significant other in one of her TikTok's, but that price may be worth it for some who are hoping to find out how loyal their partner is.

The loyalty test may not be the most strictly moral thing that's ever trended on TikTok, but it's hard to deny the results it can have. Some users may not want to test their partners in this way, but many clearly do.

The test provides an ultimate temptation, and plenty of people prove that they are not up to the challenge. The videos that come out of the loyalty test are often hugely entertaining, even if they do involve digging into the details of someone else's love life. It's definitely one of the seedier trends on TikTok, but that doesn't mean the videos aren't incredibly compelling.

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