Ludwig Came Extremely Close to Ending His Two-Year YouTube Uploading Streak

Ludwig was banned from YouTube in June 2021. The Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and all-round social media sensation announced the sad news recently.

Leila Kozma - Author

Jun. 15 2021, Published 3:38 p.m. ET

Social media star Ludwig Anders Ahgren first launched his eponymous YouTube channel around six years ago, and success soon followed. The Arizona State University graduate earned incredible popularity thanks to his parody videos, video game and e-sports commentaries, and various challenges.

Ludwig now boasts 1.72 million subscribers. But the social media phenomenon recently came down with a case of extremely bad luck, as he was ostensibly banned from YouTube in June 2021. So, what happened?

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So, was Ludwig really banned from YouTube?

Ludwig is arguably one of the most prolific social media creators out there. He began his daily YouTube upload streak nearly two years ago. Needless to add, a ban would mark a particularly unfortunate moment in his career — as it could leave him temporarily unable to delight fans with fresh content every day.

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As Ludwig explained in the description of a livestream that premiered in the early hours of June 15, 2021, one of his videos was removed because of child safety, which almost propelled a whole chain of unfavorable events into action.

Because Ludwig already had a warning on his channel, the removal of the video could have easily triggered a ban. And, ostensibly, it almost did. Except it didn't. Here's what went down.

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Source: Twitter

"Hey boys, my last video was removed for 'child safety.' Because I already had a warning my channel is now locked from uploading any videos for seven days," Ludwig wrote in the description of a re-uploaded video called "I Got Banned on YouTube [Read Description]."

His description continued: "This video was uploaded three years ago and I'm posting it in hopes of somehow keeping my streak."

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"This might, however, be the end of the 618 days of uploading a video every day," he added. "Thank you for watching any of the videos whether it was one or all of them. I appreciate you and hopefully, I get unbanned soon so I can keep doing what I love."

Ludwig's fans didn't take too well to the news.

"How the hell does Ludwig get banned for reacting to clips that are already on @YouTube? #freeludwig" tweeted @Ai_diot.

"Watching Ludwig be sad while eating ice cream on stream after losing his two-year upload streak on YouTube because he's banned is the saddest thing ever," tweeted @kissesdnf.

A growing number of fans took to using the hashtag #freeludwig to give voice to their disagreement with the ban.

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Turns out, Ludwig isn't facing quite such a misfortune after all. As @TeamYouTube informed him via a tweet posted a few hours after he made the initial announcement, he should be to continue uploading videos without having to sit out the week-long ban.

"Following up – we heard back from our team and your video has been reinstated with an age restriction. You can learn more about Age Restricted Content here:…. You should be able to continue uploading videos, let us know if you're seeing otherwise," @TeamYouTube responded to Ludwig on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

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Source: YouTube

Ludwig held a legendary Twitch subathon in the spring of 2021.

Ludwig began a now-famous subathon stream on Sunday, March 14, 2021, as per NME.

To make the stream stand out just a bit more, Ludwig told viewers that he would extend it by 20 seconds each time a person subscribed to his channel. Things quickly spiraled out of control, so much so that he had to introduce a 31-day cap and limit the stream extension to 10 seconds after each new subscriber.

But Ludwig stuck it out, proudly eating his meals, sleeping, and doing his daily activities on camera. He finished the subathon in the third week of April 2021, having established some unprecedented closeness with fans old and new.

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