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Source: ABC

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Have Mixed Reactions About Maggie and Jackson's Future


The medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to the world of will they/won’t they when it comes to couples. If someone isn't in an active love triangle, then they are probably going back and forth between loving and hating another character. 

So, even if Jackson and Maggie aren't together now, there is always the chance that they could find themselves in love all over again. This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all. Nothing is ever truly off the table. 

The Feb. 6 episode brings Jackson and Maggie together again in an awkward family dinner to end all dinners. Their parents are married but might be divorcing, and Jackson’s new girlfriend, Vic, from Station 19 is in attendance. 

She is also bringing along a friend from the station who at one time flirted with Maggie. But instead of solidifying Maggie and Jackson’s own separation, the dinner could, in fact, bring them back together.