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Source: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Malik's Baby's Mom on 'This Is Us' Could Make an Appearance This Season


Just as Malik and Deja are gaining their footing as a young couple, Malik’s baby’s mom on This Is Us could be making her debut sooner rather than later. At the start of Season 4, fans met Malik, a teenage single dad who is trying to go to high school, be a good kid under his father’s watchful eye, and maintain a solid relationship with his parents. Naturally, he became Deja’s first-ever love interest.

Things could go from messy to downright tragic if Malik’s baby’s mother shows up this season. This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman recently revealed to TVLine that Malik’s daughter’s mom could show up soon, but added that it’s not as simple as introducing her and giving Deja an arch nemesis, even if it will further complicate things if she is introduced.