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Source: NBC

Here's a Breakdown of All the New Characters on Season 4 of 'This Is Us'


The Season 4 premiere of This Is Us felt more like an episode of Game of Thrones than the NBC family drama we know and love.

The amount of critical information viewers received in the span of 50 minutes was staggering thanks to the episode, aptly titled "Strangers," being jam-packed with people we've never seen before — all of whom have a connection to the Pearson clan in one way or another. 

Who are the new characters in Season 4 of This Is Us? We've got a cheat sheet for you below:

1. Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison)

Source: NBC

A military vet deeply affected by her experiences in Afghanistan. She seeks help from a support group after lashing out at her young son, but things go south when one of the meeting's attendees throws a chair through a window in a drunken rage. That person is Nicky Pearson, Jack Pearson's younger brother.