"The Reaction Was Even Funnier!" — Girl Catches Uncle Farting on Security Cam, Shows Him Footage

One way to become famous is to get caught on camera farting. Is there an Academy Award category for Best Gas Pass? We have a nominee.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Aug. 3 2023, Published 1:13 p.m. ET

You know who loved to fart? Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the bifocal glasses. Ben loved breaking wind so much, that he once penned an essay about it titled "Fart Proudly." Is there any other way? In 1781 he sent a letter to the Royal Academy of Brussels regarding his concern over his odious flatulence. The man had a point. Basically he asked this prestigious scientific organization why they weren't focused on making his farts smell better.

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He referred to this often stinky situation as a "great Quantity of Wind" and bemoaned the fact that if it weren't for the stench, people would be more inclined to let them rip without shame. Ben Franklin would undoubtedly like a man who was caught on a security camera farting loudly and proudly. Read on for a symphony of senses, and please don't censor your toots.

Man pinching nose
Source: Getty Images

Man pinching nose

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Please fart proudly!

Hannah, who goes by @moongrl1998 on TikTok, made the right decision when she decided to upload security footage of her uncle cutting the cheese outside of her house. Not only did he release the hounds, but he fully stretched while doing it. That's how you relax! Take a gassy load off.

Naturally she had to show her uncle the toot fruits of his labor. Upon seeing his starring role in a movie I'm calling Fart Alek, Hannah's uncle lost his s--- but thankfully not literally.

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The uncle guffawed over a sandwich he was in the midst of making. Now I'm no detective, but I'm willing to bet the large jar of mayonnaise featured prominently in the video contributed to his intestinal performance.

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People in the comments were figuratively, not literally, behind Hannah's uncle.

A TikToker by the name of Jadyn compared Hannah's uncle to a superhero of sorts. "The thing he did with his hands, like he was foraging powers to do it."

Thor has his hammer. Tony Stark has his suit. Hannah's uncle has seismic toots. We all play our parts, or should I say our farts.

"Thank you for the reaction, it was funnier than the fart itself," someone else commented.

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A man is caught on camera farting.
Source: TikTok/@moongrl1998

It's called a fart pose!

"Dude was conducting that fart," chimed in @clarkbeggs. With 68 replies to that comment, it would appear that a lot of people might buy tickets for that particular concert. Hopefully it's outdoors.

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There is more to this toot tale.

In a subsequent TikTok, Hannah provided more information about that fateful day. Or should I say, fartful day? Like a fart, may this wordplay never stop.

Obviously a ton of commenters were obsessed with Hannah's uncle's outstretched arms. It felt a bit too performative for someone who didn't know he was on camera. It turns out he was putting on a show for someone.

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"If you look right here," Hanna says while pointing to a spot off camera, "that's actually his wife, who was smoking a cigarette." According to Hannah, that fart was dedicated to her. I love a romantic gesture, or is this actually a GASture?

Hannah's aunt and uncle have been together since they were in their mid-20s so there is no "shame in their game." As Hannah said, he's been "fartin' around here for a long time." I couldn't have put it better myself.

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