Man Points out Drastic Price Differences Between Two Local Grocery Stores

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May 18 2023, Published 4:07 p.m. ET

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It’s no secret grocery stores tend to vary drastically in pricing. From the outrageously expensive Erewhon to the incredibly affordable Aldi, shoppers often know what they’re getting into based on the chain’s name alone.

And many of these grocery stores sell specific name-brand items for a price point reflecting that of the store.

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However, one TikTok creator noticed that his local grocery store was trying to rip off customers by marking up Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls by nearly 50 percent.

That’s right! When @theo_daviskc — aka Theo Davis — stopped by an average Hy-Vee in Missouri, he was astonished by what he found. “I hate how grocery stores are trying to rob us blind!” Theo expressed in his caption.

Here’s what went down.

TikTok creator @theo_daviskc shares photo of $6.99 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in TikTok video
Source: TikTok/@theo_daviskc
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A man pointed out extreme price discrepancies at two grocery stores in his area.

“This made me so angry, I just had to share it,” Theo prefaced at the beginning of his video. The creator explained that he was craving cinnamon rolls one day and decided to stop by his local Hy-Vee in Missouri to pick them up.

However, upon arrival, he was shocked by what he found.

Theo proceeded to show a photo of the price tag for five Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, which was $6.99. “$7 for five cinnamon rolls!” the creator exclaimed. “There are only five cinnamon rolls in this thing, and I could not believe it.”

While inflation appeared the likely culprit at first glance, what came next hinted Hy-Vee’s intentionally increased its prices.

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Theo explained that he visited his local Walmart after encountering the $7 cinnamon rolls and was blown away by the price difference. He posted a photo of the same product; however, this time, it was $3.68 for five cinnamon rolls instead of $6.99.

“This is almost half the price,” the creator noted. “And Walmart is still making a profit off of this.”

The TikTok creator urged followers to shop around before purchasing food items.

After sharing his experience with the blatant cinnamon roll price markup, Theo encouraged TikTok users to shop with more intention. “I just want to encourage you to shop around before buying certain things,” the creator said. “Because we are getting robbed blind.”

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He then asked followers for their thoughts on items they’ve noticed becoming overpriced lately, and the comment section naturally offered their opinions. Several creators noted that chips have gotten outrageously expensive recently.

“$7 for Ruffles, and they say ‘Party Size,’” one frustrated user wrote. “But they’re tiny.” Another person added, “$5 for a bag of Doritos!”

Others pointed out that it would be cheaper to make cinnamon rolls yourself. “It’s cheaper to make them yourself if you have 6 hours,” a creator joked. “We’re all going to be chefs soon by having to make everything from scratch.”

This sentiment rang true throughout the comment section. “For $6.99, I want them already made for me,” someone said.

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