Passenger Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Flight, Entire Plane Films It

A man on a plane proposed to his girlfriend during the flight after she came out of the bathroom. The entire plane of passengers filmed the event.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 2:07 p.m. ET

It's not every day that you get to live your own romantic comedy in real life. But when a user on TikTok shared a video depicting an airplane passenger on her flight proposing to his girlfriend in the air, it's hard not to believe in the magic of love on a plane without even joining the Mile High Club.

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In the video, the TikTok user, whose name is @MzzGina13, has the words "You're on a flight and this happens" on the screen, so it doesn't look like she knows the couple personally.

But, like everyone else on the plane, @MzzGina13 is part of the event anyway. It looks like a man decided to propose to his girlfriend while in the air and, unbeknownst to her, he got the entire plane of passengers (or close to it) to be in on the surprise too.

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What does that mean for the rest of the plane ride to their destination? That's not totally clear. But the sentiment and the circumstances under which the proposal happens in the video are pretty memorable for literally everyone.

A man proposed to his girlfriend on a flight right after she came out of the bathroom.

The video starts off with a guy on one knee with a ring out. Behind him, the plane is full of passengers halfway out of their seats, craning their necks, and holding up their phones to get a good angle on the event as it unfolds. A few other passengers hold signs asking "Will you marry me?" And this is all while the guy's intended is in the bathroom.

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OK, the sentiment is sweet and it ends with the girlfriend accepting the proposal with tears all around. But this poor woman had no idea that an entire plane of passengers was watching the lavatory door while she did her business, waiting for her to step out, with all of their eyes on her.

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But, even though this proposal isn't exactly the stuff of Hallmark love stories, it's something the passengers will probably never forget. I'm just curious about how many disappointed partners left the bathroom after that, hoping for their own proposals.

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Some TikTok users assumed something *else* happened in the airplane bathroom.

Honestly, the way the video starts off, it almost seems like everyone is watching the bathroom door because two passengers are hooking up in the air. The TikTok video's on-screen text even says "love is literally in the air." But, as we see in the video, it's just one man's fiancé-to-be using the bathroom and wrongly thinking that no one knows she's currently relieving herself.

In the comments, some TikTok users agreed that they didn't at first get the idea of what actually happened in the video as they started watching it. One user wrote, "Am I the only one that thought two people were gonna come out of the bathroom?"

Another commented, "Imagine taking a dookie and walking out to hella people recording you." And honestly? Same.

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Someone else, who also thought the idea of everyone watching a closed bathroom door may not be the best choice, wrote, "Don't anyone ever do this to me … my bowels be acting up." But the sentiment is definitely there.

And plenty of comments under the video also show how touched people are to see the plane full of mostly strangers step up to help the guy out. And let's just be glad she said yes, because the rest of that plane ride would be ridiculously awkward if she hadn't said yes to that very elaborate (but adorable) proposal.

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