Man Ends Up as the Only Passenger on a Delayed Flight: "Everyone Else Gave Up"

A passenger on a commercial flight was the only one aboard the plane with a crew of flight attendants after everyone else canceled their tickets.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 10:34 a.m. ET

Being the sole passenger on a commercial flight is either your worst nightmare or your dream scenario, but I don't think there's an in-between. Luckily, for one guy on TikTok, Phil Stringer, it was the latter when he found himself as the only passenger who opted not to find a new flight during an unexpected 18-hour delay. Honestly, at that point, it was probably meant to be for him to ride solo.

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Phil shared a TikTok about the experience, from the upbeat crew to the empty plane cabin that he had all to himself. Again, not sure if that's an ideal situation for everyone, since there is definitely an eerie feeling of seeing the plane devoid of every passenger but one and it almost gives off Twilight Zone vibes. But the TikTok user was into it.

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A man flew on a commercial flight alone as the only passenger.

The TikTok user, Phil, starts off his video by first claiming he bought "every single ticket on the plane" so he wouldn't have to "deal with people." But he quickly clears things up and explains that after an 18-hour delay at an airport, he was the only passenger left who was still willing to take the flight. He doesn't quite explain his circumstances, but he seems more than happy to have the jet all to himself.

"I am the only person on the plane and they have an entire flight crew," he says in the TikTok. "They do not want to do this flight."

He even gets called to board the plan by name since he's the only person on the passenger list for his flight.

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Phil explains that the crew was called at their hotel so they would come back to the airport to work on the flight for "just one person." Thankfully, though, despite being potentially pulled out of slumber for a flight that no one expected to work on, everyone on the plane is in good spirits as they pose for photos and allow Phil to take videos.

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And for some flight attendants, having just one passenger to deal with, whether the flight attendants were dead tired for the unexpected flight or not, may be an ideal situation. A former flight attendant commented on the video to say that they had a similar experience once while working and the passenger was one they never forgot.

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Another flight attendant commented that "this is literally our dream scenario, especially for a delayed flight." Most of the comments agree that it would be amazing to fly alone, even though the whole 18-hour delay isn't my idea of being in a mental space to actually enjoy getting a flight all to myself. But hey, this guy gets it, apparently.

If you've ever flown on a flight where you've had little sleep and the rest of the passengers are doing the most to make the flight even more unbearable, then this guy's situation may be what you hope for someday during your own delayed flight.

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The TikTok user's experience on his flight isn't super common, but apparently, it does happen. And it looks like he had a good time during the experience. So, hey, don't lose hope if this guy lived your dream for a few hours.

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The guy who was alone on the flight also lost his bag when he landed.

The same TikTok user shared another video as a follow-up to the one about his solo flight. Phil revealed that, despite the airline having just one bag to keep track of from his flight where he was the only passenger, his bag was somehow lost. How that happens is a literal mystery since he had one bag.

Phil explains in his other TikTok video that his bag was eventually recovered. But maybe it was the universe's way of telling the guy that he was not, in fact, supposed to be on that flight after all. I mean, he landed safe and all and there were no Manifest or Lost vibes to be had.

But still. I probably wouldn't put myself in that position again if I were him.

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