So Nasty, so Rude! A Man Snatches a Skateboard and Throws It — Social Media Responds

A man snatches a skateboard and throws it out of nowhere in a viral video and social media wants answers. Here's the full rundown.

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Jun. 3 2023, Updated 9:46 a.m. ET

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Taking the time to enjoy a bike ride or cruise the neighborhood on a skateboard is one of life’s simple pleasures. Unfortunately, one young man has endured a negative experience while going out for a ride on his skateboard.

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In a now-viral video via Reddit, a young man who appears to be minding his own business had to deal with the destruction of property after an older man threw his skateboard — and social media users want answers. Here’s the full scoop.

A young man riding a skateboard
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A man snatches a skateboard and throws it causing a brief verbal altercation with a young man.

In the video, a young man wearing a bookbag can be seen cruising on a sidewalk. He then does an “ollie” trick, and an older man places his leg in front of the young man and almost makes him fall.

The older man snatched the skateboard off of the floor and threw it into the street.

The young man said, “No,” and proceeded to hit the older gentleman on the head.

“What’s your f—ing problem?” the young man asked in Spanish as he went after the skateboard.

“Why are you breaking up my sidewalk?” the older man asked as he walked toward the young man.

“What’s your f—ing problem?” the young man asked again. “What are you doing?”

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The young man then proceeded to shout out a derogatory statement and called him a “b—h.”

The older man continued to walk toward the young man and asked, “Why did you break my sidewalk?”

“I don’t give a f–k,” the young man replied. “If you keep getting closer, I’ll hit you with my skate. Get out of here.”

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Reddit users are disgusted by the old man’s reaction to the skateboarder.

Based on the video, Reddit users are not happy with how the man treated the young man. The consensus on the platform is that the young man was simply minding his business and the older gentleman was being disrespectful toward him.

Not to mention, many folks questioned how unsafe it was for the older man to throw the skateboard in the middle of the street.

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“So the dude on the skateboard is apparently damaging the sidewalk, so his response is to assault him, and throw his skateboard into traffic which risks other people’s property and their lives. Imagine if that caused a car accident. The sidewalk would be the least of his worries,” one person commented.

“I don't understand people who are against skateboarding. Do they feel the same way about bicyclists?” another person shared.

Since sidewalks are typically public — depending on the location — the skateboarder didn’t do anything wrong.

Not to mention, if the skateboarder was actually in the wrong, the older man could have simply spoken to him with respect as opposed to trying to damage his property. Plus, he put motorists at risk by throwing the skateboard in the street.

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Truth be told, not everyone would have reacted the way the young man did. Some people take the act of damaging their property as a green light to get physical.

Hopefully, the older man learned a valuable lesson.

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