Taylor Frankie Paul's TikTok Drama Has Spilled Over Into an Obsession on Reddit

Reddit users just can't get enough of Mormon mom Taylor Frankie Paul and her apparent relationship drama, which she's posting about on TikTok.


May 27 2022, Published 9:53 a.m. ET

The drama on TikTok is often so delicious that it spills over into other platforms. That's been the case with Taylor Frankie Paul, a Mormon mom who is airing her relationship drama on TikTok and is leaving users on subreddits devoted to TikTok drama in a complete frenzy. The drama around Taylor comes from her announcement that she was getting divorced, which was followed by a contradictory post that left some thinking she and her husband were really just moving.

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Reddit has become totally obsessed with Mormon mom Taylor Frankie Paul.

Following Taylor's announcement that she and her husband Tate were getting a divorce, subreddits like TikTok Gossip and Momtok Gossip became completely obsessed with every detail of the saga. If you want a full rundown of what happened, the Redditors have even got you covered with a post that provides all the details.

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Most recently, Taylor posted a video in which she confirmed that she's getting a divorce, and said that she was part of a community of "soft swingers." The video only expanded the web of speculation, as Redditors began to pull in other famous TikTok moms from Utah who run in Taylor's circle. It seems that Taylor did cheat, but those on Reddit continue to speculate about who she cheated with and who else was involved.

Redditors are going down the rabbit hole.

Even as Reddit became completely obsessed with every detail of this story, many users were also aware that those outside of the Reddit boards had no idea what they were talking about.

"Okay but why was this me last night trying to explain all of this to my spouse who knows none of these people nor really does social media," one person wrote on a subreddit.

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Others chimed in with similar comments, saying that they were "embarrassed" about how invested they had become in the story, and others who said that they had never even heard of Taylor and her circle until quite recently and were already deeply invested.

Others also mentioned that they had grown up in the Mormon world, but had no idea that anyone inside of it was "swinging."

Source: Instagram
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Taylor recently lost her TikTok account.

Most recently, it seems Taylor's TikTok account has been taken down. Naturally, Reddit completely lost its mind when this happened, although the exact reasons for her account disappearing are not yet clear. It's possible that she took it down herself, but whatever's going on, you can count on the obsessive folks at Reddit to continue following every twist and turn as they unfold.

Some people on Reddit have pointed out that Taylor and the rest of the people at the center of this story are likely loving all the attention that they're getting from Reddit. While this is probably true, it seems like most of the people on Reddit just don't care. They're too invested in the speculation and cheating to worry about whether they are incentivizing other people to post about their entire lives on TikTok.

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