Woman Surprises Her Man With His Dream Puppy During a Fake Facebook Marketplace Pickup

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 27 2023, Updated 4:41 p.m. ET

What's the best surprise you can think of for your significant other? For some, it might be having them come home to a clean living space or a nice meal. For others, it could be a special gift hidden in plain sight or a thoughtful gesture to celebrate a certain relationship milestone. If you're thinking of popping the question, you may even have a special proposal event all lined up to set the perfect mood.

While any of these surprises might valid, few of them are better than a new puppy!

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That's exactly what FelicityBearce (@felicitybearce) had in mind for her husband. What he thought was a response to a Facebook marketplace listing for chairs ended with them adding a new furry friend to their family, thanks to Felicity's clever little ruse. Keep reading to check out her husband's reaction and how their new puppy is doing now.

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A woman surprises her man with a new puppy during a Facebook marketplace run.

"This moment was worth every second of waiting to surprise my husband," Felicity teased of her reveal in the caption of her first TikTok. She had set up the whole thing and was even able to capture the moment that her husband found out what was really happening.

According to Felicity, her husband thought that they were heading over to someone's house to pick up bar stools that she had bought through Facebook Marketplace. Interestingly enough, there were a few chairs placed outside of the home already. Whether or not they were put there to throw him off the scent or if she had actually bought chairs as well as a new puppy is anyone's guess.

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When they went to speak to the owner, however, they were greeted with the cutest German rottweiler puppy ever! It took the husband a second to realize that they were actually there to pick up the puppy and take him home. When he finally knew, he practically lit up as he scooped up the pup in his arms.

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According to Felicity, it had been a few years since their last Rottweiler passed away. After finding ways to cope with the loss, she decided to go on the search for a new friend.

"He had very specific wants in this puppy, and I finally found him his dream pup," Felicity wrote.

The dog was officially named Yogi, and the two of them became fast friends. Felicity included footage of the two of them howling together and playing with each other. More of Felicity's TikTok show Yogi on camping trips with the family and trying to accompany the husband to work.

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Folks in the comments section are completely taken by the heartwarming story. Many of them noted that the husband tried to play it cool about the chair narrative at first but was completely distracted by the puppy. Others are obsessed with how the surprise unfolded.

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"I love that [the seller] waited for you to be the one to tell him it was for him," one person commented.

"The way he asked to pet the puppy with his hands clasped together all shyly, I can't," another admitted.

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As of mid-July when the video was posted, Yogi was only 10 weeks old, just barely out of the puppy stage, and is expected to get even bigger. Already, he's become a part of the family given how many pictures Felicity has of the two of them together.

As far as surprises for your significant other go, a brand new puppy is tough to beat!

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