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Source: A&E

The 10 Personalities of 'The Many Sides of Jane' We Know So Far


A&E's The Many Sides of Jane explores the life and personalities of Jane Hart, a woman diagnosed with Dissociative Personality Disorder (DID), once known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

According to Jane, she has at least 10 "parts" of various ages that present various personalities, preferences, sexual orientations, and even genders. As she works through her trauma and toward better integration and cooperation of her parts, viewers hear from each part a little more. Here's everything we know about each of Jane's personalities.

Jane, 28

Source: A&E

Jane is the main personality and was diagnosed with DID three years ago. The mother of two lives in Boise, ID, and is a poet and student, studying toward a PhD in neuroscience. Her diagnosis is a big reason behind her interest in neuroscience and ambition to work toward better understanding of personality disorders like DID.

The producers of the A&E docuseries approached Jane after she spoke on a psychology podcast called Shrink Rap about her life with DID as well as the stigmas and harmful myths about her condition, many of which are perpetuated by the media.

In her writing and on the show, Jane has been open about the fact that her disorder stems from severe abuse and trauma she sustained as a child. However, she has chosen to withhold many details about her abuse and abusers from the show.