If You Play the Marshmallow Game on TikTok, Get Ready to Concentrate

When you think of marshmallows what do you think of? Probably not a viral TikTok game. Here's what the marshmallow game is and how to play.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 5 2023, Published 8:56 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The marshmallow game went viral on TikTok in September 2023.
  • Although the rules seem simple enough, the game gets challenging the longer it goes.
  • If you're good at concentrating and counting, the marshmallow game will be perfect for you.
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When you think of marshmallows, what do you think of? Most likely roasting marshmallows on a fire and making s'mores. You might even think of the famous DJ Marshmello. You probably don't think of a TikTok game, but you will now.

That's because the marshmallow game has been gracing our "for you pages" on TikTok and probably yours too.

So to help you out, we figured we would explain how you play and round up some of the better versions of this viral game!

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What is the marshmallow game on TikTok?

The marshmallow game is a handclap game that went viral in late September 2023. The game requires two people to play. Both players hit a constant beat and tempo on a flat surface while repeating in tempo, "One marshmallow, check it out, wooh, two marshmallows, two marshmallows, check it out, check it out, wooh, wooh, three marshmallows, three marshmallows, three marshmallows..." and so on.

How to play is seemingly simple, but it's actually quite challenging. Person A will say, "One marshmallow," Person B will say, "Check it out," it then goes back to Person A for the "wooh," continuing to go back and forth with Person B saying, "Two marshmallows," etc.

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As you can see from the TikTok, posted by @marianne_infante, the game gets tricky because the number of marshmallows that are said is also the number of "check it outs" and "woohs" so you have to keep count as you are playing. If you are on "four marshmallows" you repeat that same phrase a total of four times before moving on to the "check it outs" and "woohs" also for four times each.

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In the video above, Marianne's friend, Tatum, says an extra "four marshmallows" accidentally. Marianne goes, "That was five," to which Tatum replies, "Was it actually?" before both ladies crack up proving that it's very easy to get off track.

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And if you don't understanding the rules, that's OK because it's a bit confusing. Clearly, Leanne, one-half the mother and son TikTok content creators @grumpyleanneandmaitland, feels the same way.

In the hilarious TikTok that the pair posted, Leanne tries to play the marshmallow game with her son but doesn't know the rules. Both are clearly frustrated. Leanne says multiple times that she doesn't understand. The commenters agreed that he needed to explain it to her, and another commented saying that this was the most "chaotic" version they had seen.

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Some people are really able to nail it the marshmallow game. The video posted by @soap.lee proves just that. Sophia and her friend did eight whole rounds of the marshmallow game at the super speed of 54 seconds. You can tell that both ladies were hyper-focused and had their game face on.

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Another great version of the marshmallow game was posted by father and son content creators @mmmjoemele earning 9.2 million views and counting. Joe and his dad, Frank, got to "seven marshmallows" before Joe called it a day captioning that, "This took so long."

One commenter asked, "How many times did this take" and Joe responded, "Too many... bloopers coming soon." We can't wait to see those bloopers, Joe.

Have you tried the marshmallow game? We'd love to hear how many rounds you made it to!

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