“You Guys Went Petty Crocker” — Neighborhood Celebrates Unruly Couple Get Arrested

One neighborhood had enough of a woman harassing them daily. They eventually called the police and brought refreshments to watch her arrest.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 5 2023, Published 2:28 p.m. ET

While TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Family Matters, and The Neighborhood represent the close bond neighbors can share due to living close to each other, many who live in residential neighborhoods know that’s not always the case.

Blame it on technology disconnecting us or people simply having bad manners, but finding connections on your block beyond a “hello” or “how’s it going?” is difficult to maintain for most busy neighbors.

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Although some neighborhoods lack potlucks or watch parties, some things keep neighbors connected, no matter how hectic their lives become.

For instance, there’s always one house that manages to get on every other neighbor’s lousy side that everyone discusses on the neighborhood group chat (if you’re not on one — you might want to move). In October 2023, one community supported their own against a set of husband and wife bullies.

Keep reading to see the unconventional block party!

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A neighborhood gathered to watch police confront their insufferable neighbors.

Your home should be the one place of peace away from the mess that comes your way during the day. So, when someone on your street violates that peace, they must accept that they will ruffle a few feathers in their community. I don’t make the rules.

I’m assuming the neighbors in an October 2023 TikTok weren’t aware that they had left such a bad taste in nearly all of their neighbors’ mouths. However, they received a rude awakening when one family’s child had enough of their foolery.

On Oct. 1, the TikTok user, who goes by @horus.galaxy1, posted a video of his parents getting the justice they deserved after having their neighborhood “harassed” for quite some time. In the video, the TikToker explained the “two individuals” had been harassing their parents and neighbors so much that the user took matters into their own hands and “called the law” on the female harasser.

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Once the TikToker called the police, they panned to the “whole gang,” i.e., their parents’ neighbors, gathering with lawn chairs to “watch the show.” Then, they showed the police officer approaching the woman with a ticket, which she threw into the officer’s face and “littered” on the street.

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As the neighbors watched in amazement, one woman asked if the officers could “do anything” about the woman’s erratic behavior. Initially, it seemed as if there was nothing the cops could do in the situation. But boy, were the neighbors wrong.

In another scene of the TikTok, Horus said the cops gave the neighbor the ticket anyway, causing the entire neighborhood to cheer from the sidelines. Then, the karma got even more delectable when the police returned with a warrant for the woman’s arrest. One cop then puts her in handcuffs as the woman tries with all her might to escape the officer.

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The neighbors were arrested, allowing the neighborhood to say “bye-bye.”

During her failed attempt to escape the police, her husband calls their lawyer to calm his wife down. But at some point, the husband tried to flee the scene but was caught by another officer called for backup.

Once the police took the couple away in separate cop cars, the neighbors took another moment to be petty towards the people who caused them such grief.

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“We all waived goodbye to them as they rode away,” Horus wrote in their TikTok, adding “Bye-bye” in the caption.

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Several TikTok users applauded the neighbors’ “community togetherness.”

To bring the pettiness home, Horus ended their post by showing that, amid their arrest, the trifling neighbor’s car was also towed, causing another bill she has to worry about when she’s taken out of police custody. However, none of the neighbors in the community had sympathy for the woman, with one neighbor being overheard asking someone if they wanted some watermelon.

Horus’s parents’ neighbors did the absolute most against their unsavory neighbor, but rightfully so. Had Horus not called the police on the woman, it seemed like the culprit would’ve stopped at nothing to harass the neighborhood, so it makes sense why she had to go.

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Underneath the TikToker’s video, many users raved at how the community came together to take down the neighbor, and none of them will likely bail out of jail. One user noted the event was “my kind of petty,” and others said the neighbors should be embarrassed by one street collectively hating them.

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“You guys went Petty Crocker, Petty Labelle, and Richard Petty on them!!” one user exclaimed in amazement.

“I love the community togetherness,” another applauded.

“Like, do people realize how hated you must be if a whole neighborhood watches your arrest like a movie? Sweet justice,” a third user wrote.

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