Why MatPat Feels Creators in Fashion Is "Needed" in the Online Space (EXCLUSIVE)

"Events like this, where audiences are coming together to celebrate this world together, I think is a much-needed thing," Matt said.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 25 2024, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

Source: Creators in Fashion

When asked to describe the Creators in Fashion showcase, the semi-retired MatPat explains it simply.

"We wanted to create an event that was unique for the digital space that served as fashion week for online influencers and online brands," he said in an interview with Distractify ahead of the event's premiere. Matt explained the idea for it came when Style Theory was just launching.

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"Creators in Fashion was built from the ground up as a platform and a spotlight for creator entrepreneurs who are doing just incredible stuff in the style fashion and apparel space," Matt said. There's a small handful of creators, each with their own individual brands, who will be bringing new and returning items to the showcase.

Ahead of the premiere of Creators in Fashion, Matt spoke with Distractify about the show and his life post-retirement.

Source: Creators in Fashion
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Who will be in the Creators in Fashion showcase? MatPat shared the vetting process.

Plenty of creators have merch, but the ones who have built entire lifestyle brands from their platforms are what MatPat and his co-host, Style Theory's Amy Roberts, wanted to feature in this showcase. With sites like Temu and Shein taking over our feeds and ads recycling the same product making shopping online near impossible, Creators in Fashion is meant to help the audience connect with a host of new brands.

"We wanted to create Creators in Fashion as not only a platform to spotlight the great work that's been done by creator entrepreneurs but also as a place where audiences can go to find their next favorite brand or find a creator whose ethos and brand represents something that they themselves feel — a community that they might have seen underrepresented," Matt said.

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ZHC, Cassey Ho, and Seek Discomfort
Source: Creators in Fashion

Currently, the lineup's main features are Laura Bailey with Critical Role, Cassey Ho (aka Blogilates) with her brand POPFLEX, ZHC representing his own designs, and Yes Theory's brand Seek Discomfort. Matt said there's also a couple of surprises, with creators who make products other than clothing contributing to the runway looks.

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"I think everyone recognizes that it's a very crowded space. It's a very difficult space to have your voice heard. And so events like this, where audiences are coming together to celebrate this world together, I think is a much-needed thing," Matt said of the showcase. By bringing all of these brands together, he hopes viewers will have an avenue to find more brands they feel they can trust. Even Style Theory will be dropping some new merch following the show.

"Some of the new looks that we're premiering as a part of this event are really riffing on my personal frustrations of not being able to find colorful, bright, vibrant clothing for men," Matt said. "I love color and I love style and bright pinks and greens and blues. But if you look around on stores or even online marketplaces, it's incredibly hard to find."

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How to watch Creators in Fashion.

If you're already missing Matt's voice at the beginning of Theorist videos, fear not because he will be co-hosting the Creators in Fashion event.

"The great thing about retiring has been that it's given me the chance to finally get out of the day-to-day and focus my attention on projects like this," he said. "[Theorist] has always been about like nerdy edutainment on one side, but also creator empowerment on the other side."

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The show will be streamed on April 25 at 5:30 pm EST (2:30 pm PST) via both the Style Theory and Game Theory channels. Nerdy Nummie's Roseanna Pansino will also be commentating for the live show, and Matt says there are plenty of surprises for the audience to stick around for.

"This isn't just like your traditional bunch of clothes walking down the runway. There's definitely a digital-first mindset to this. We're engaging in the live chat, were reacting to what's happening, and there's a couple of surprises in store on some of these runway shows," Matt said. "So you might be surprised, you might be scared. You might be shocked by some of the things that you see as a part of creators and fashion."

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