Will MatPat Be in the 'FNAF' Movie? Some Are Convinced He Will Have a Cameo

YouTuber MatPat has been an crucial piece in solving the lore behind 'Five Nights at Freddy's,' which leads fans to believe he may show up in the movie.

Anthony Jones - Author

Oct. 17 2023, Published 5:43 p.m. ET

Image of Freddy from 'Five Nights at Freddy's' and MatPat from YouTube video.
Source: YouTube

The Gist:

  • Nothing officially suggests MatPat will appear in the FNAF movie through a cameo.
  • Despite no confirmation, fans are convinced he will appear alongside personalities like Markiplier and CoryxKenshin somewhere in the movie.
  • One fan theorized MatPat will show up in a post-credits scene as a "paranormal expert" being interviewed on the news, sharing his theory on everything that happens.
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For years, YouTube personality MatPat has concocted theories about the outlandish Five Nights at Freddy’s universe and has solved more than a few mysteries from the games. In fact, if not for MatPat, most of the intrigue in FNAF probably wouldn’t get answered until much later.

His identity as the “theory guy” has given him a reputation, and seeing how much he poured into FNAF, many fans assume he will have a cameo in the upcoming movie based on the game.

Unfortunately, the truth may be further than that. Here’s what to know about whether MatPat is in the FNAF movie.

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Image of animatronics from the 'FNAF' games.
Source: Universal Pictures

Is MatPat in the ‘FNAF’ movie?

Nothing seems to suggest MatPat will have a cameo in the FNAF movie releasing in theaters on Oct. 27.

The cameo could be a surprise kept secret by the creators, Universal Pictures, and MatPat; however, a video published by the YouTuber in August suggests he wasn’t involved in the film.

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In the video, MatPat is reacting to the official trailer for the FNAF movie. He voices his excitement for the project and is happy the FNAF universe has made it to the big screen, but also seemed sad, according to fans. Those watching assumed MatPat realized he was left out of the FNAF movie and has yet to be approached by Universal for a cameo.

“Spent years of his life on this game helping it gain the hype and giving us the lore we have today and they don’t even give him an Easter egg???” said one fan on TikTok.

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Of course, this video went live in August, meaning things may have changed for MatPat leading up to the film’s release. Before the official trailer dropped, one fan theorized MatPat would appear in a post-credits scene as a “paranormal expert” being interviewed on the news about the events of the FNAF movie.

Such a small scene could get put in the film, but only time will tell.

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Is Markiplier in the ‘FNAF’ movie?

Markiplier isn’t in a better situation, either. While he is just as significant to the franchise as MatPat, no official word from Universal or hints from Markiplier alludes to him having a cameo.

“MatPat and Mark are genuinely some of the biggest catalysts of the games success and longevity,” said one fan on TikTok. “It’s shame they weren’t involved at all.”

Details on possible cameos are nonexistent, so chances are fans will have to watch the movie on release or wait to hear word from others to know whether these creators made the cut.

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