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Source: Getty

Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill Look Like Long Lost Twins and You Won't Be Able to Unsee It


Everyone in the world might not have a real designated doppelganger, but when it comes to celebrities, it’s a little easier to see who could pass for whose real life twin. Because believe it or not, there are some celebrities who bear such striking resemblances to each other, it makes you wonder if they do somehow share a gene pool. Such is the case with Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill, who look so much alike that people have been obsessed with their similarities for a while now.

The wildest part about these two twinning actors is that it doesn't look like they are related in any way. They both just happen to be really really ridiculously good-looking men who both made careers in the same field. It’s almost a shame that they have never been cast as brothers or even distant relatives, because once you realize they are basically long lost twins, it’s hard not to see them as anything but that.