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Source: Getty Images

Yes, 'The Witcher' Heartthrob Henry Cavill Has a Girlfriend — Get to Know Her


If you're looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of the popular video game and novel series The Witcher, there's no doubt actor Henry Cavill popped onto your radar some time ago. Though many know him as the most recent actor to don the Superman costume, he's also going to be portraying Witcher protagonist Geralt, a grizzled monster slayer who travels the world taking on assignments and slaying beasts for pay.

As Geralt, he's ignited several thirst traps from here to Kaer Morhen, the fictional stronghold of Witchers that Geralt of Rivia hails from. With that in mind, you may be curious whether or not he has a girlfriend. The answer is yes, and the pair are very much smitten with each other. Before you watch Netflix's The Witcher, get to know Henry Cavill's girlfriend, Lucy Cork, a bit better. You may be surprised at how long ago it was that the pair got together.