Get to Know 'Return to Amish' Star Maureen

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Apr. 13 2021, Updated 9:13 a.m. ET

Maureen on 'Return to Amish'
Source: TLC via YouTube

The TLC reality show Return to Amish has shown the growth of so many of its stars over the years. The show premiered back in 2012, and now former members of the cast are living all kinds of lives. Some have decided to truly live an Amish life. Others have embraced other kinds of lifestyles. But fans are just happy for the show's return since it's been two years since Season 5 ended. Now we're being introduced to a new star named Maureen. 

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Maureen was introduced in the sixth season of Return to Amish, but she's ready to see what life is like outside of her community. Alongside her friend Rosanna, she's going to have a ton of new experiences and probably do a lot of self-discovery in the process. 

Who is Maureen on 'Return to Amish'?

Longtime fans of the show will remember Ada. Well, it turns out that Maureen is Ada's granddaughter. Ada is running a home for people who have left the Amish community. In this season, Maureen and Rosanna will be traveling down to Florida from Pennsylvania to live with her. Plus, they will be joined by returning cast members Jeremiah, Carmela, and Sabrina.

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Rosanna and Maureen
Source: TLC via YouTube

In a trailer for the show, Maureen reveals that she's a teacher for Amish children, and while she loves her job, she's not so in love with the Amish way of life and says it's not for everyone. In a Return to Amish exclusive by Access, Rosanna follows her and says, "I feel there's more out there in the world. I want to leave the Amish 'cause we're not allowed to have fun. I'm really excited to see how the outside world is."

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Maureen has a lot of new experiences.

Even though Maureen will be traveling with Rosanna, that doesn't mean that everything will be easy. In an exclusive clip, we see that Rosanna gets a belly button piercing, and someone speaks over the audio saying that she's going to be getting into trouble and going down "the wrong path."

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It looks like Maureen and Rosanna get into a serious fight this season as well. We do see them getting along, going to the beach and shopping together, but in this scene, Rosanna says they can't be friends. Maureen fires back that she never trusted her. 

But we also see Maureen meeting a boy. She says that she's "got a crush on this really handsome guy." We do get the beginnings of what looks like a really serious conversation between Maureen and the boy, Danny, and they kiss with tongue. 

The one constant in Maureen's life throughout all of this is Ada. She seems to be trying her best to keep both the girls in line even though it doesn't look like it's always working. But all of this is going to be super stressful on Maureen and she'll need someone to turn to that she can trust. It doesn't look like Rosanna will be that person all the time, so Ada will probably be very important to Maureen and her overall experience in her travels. 

Catch Return to Amish on TLC, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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