Rosanna Is Prepared to Leave Her Life Behind in 'Return to Amish' Season 6

Who is Rosanna from 'Return to Amish' Season 6? She is leaving her community behind, as is her best friend, Maureen. Details on her role on the show.

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Apr. 13 2021, Updated 9:14 a.m. ET

Rosanna from 'Return to Amish'
Source: TLC

Since it debuted in 2014, Return to Amish has featured questioning Anabaptists as they determine whether they want to remain in the communities that they grew up in, or if they'd instead like to forge new lives like the "English."

More than two years after Season 5 concluded, the TLC reality series is finally back, and there are a few new cast members as well.

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Longtime stars Sabrina High, Ada Byler, Carmella Raber, and Jeremiah Raber are helping Season 6 additions, Rosanna and Maureen. The latter two are best friends who are ready to have experiences outside of their faith.

Their close friendship is tested as Maureen embarks on a relationship, and the others fear that Rosanna might be "going down the wrong path."

Source: TLC
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Who is Rosanna from 'Return to Amish'? She's related to one of the original cast members.

Unlike the seasoned cast members, who have struck a balance between their old and new lives, the latest Return to Amish additions are figuring things out for the first time in Season 6.

Rosanna and Maureen are Pennsylvania natives whose families are still deeply involved in the Amish lifestyle. Viewers will get to see the two buy English clothes and try out Florida living on the show. 

Along the way, Rosanna will even get a belly button ring, while Maureen will explore a relationship with a crush.

In a clip obtained by People, Rosanna, who is Old Order Amish, shared what motivated her to make a change. 

"I want to leave the Amish because all we do really is work and sleep. We're not allowed to go out and have fun. We live a straight and simple life to be closer to God," the then-18-year-old said. "I'm excited to see how the outside world is."

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The reality star then discussed what she's looking forward to the most about her changing lifestyle. 

"I have never been to the beach, and I never saw the ocean. And, I've never even had a bathing suit on," she continued. "I really want to go and try those things out."

Though Rosanna is new to the series, she is related to an infamous Return to Amish alum. Her cousin is Rebecca Schmucker (née Byler), who appeared on all seasons of Breaking Amish and on four seasons of its spin-off.

Source: TLC
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Rosanna confirmed that her cousin did offer her some advice about leaving the Amish.

"Rebecca, she left the Amish. And I talk to her about leaving and stuff... But, she said it will be hard," Rosanna explained.

Though Rebecca is supportive of Rosanna's decision, her other family members are not. Rosanna's brother, Raymond, will appear on the show to try to talk her out of going to Florida. 

Maureen admits she "never really trusted" Rosanna. Are they still friends?

As to be expected, Maureen and Rosanna dealt with a lot of growing pains as they figured out which type of lifestyle would be a better fit.

In addition to facing issues from within the community, their friendship will be tested as well. The Return to Amish Season 6 teaser trailer revealed a heated moment between Rosanna and Maureen.   

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"Me and you had a friendship. I thought we could be friends, but no. We cannot be friends," Rosanna told Maureen one evening. 

"To be honest with you, I never really trusted you," the former teacher responded, much to the apparent surprise of Rosanna.

It remains to be seen what exactly transpired leading up to this blowout fight, or if the friends will ever manage to patch things up.

But, Maureen isn't the only one who is worried about Rosanna. 

Jeremiah, who went through his own fair share of troubles in earlier seasons, expressed concern for the teen in the trailer as well.

"I can fully see Rosanna going down the wrong path, getting into a lot of trouble," he ominously shared in the clip. 

Return to Amish airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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