McDonald's Worker Says They Ring up Rude Customers for Items Individually Instead of a Combo

This McDonald's employee went viral after he shared how he deals with rude customers. Instead of charging them for a combo, he does this!

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Jul. 24 2023, Updated 1:43 p.m. ET

With all of the trauma that food service workers encounter on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that self-service is the new norm.

From the waitress who pursued the party that ran out on their $600 check on foot to the delivery drivers who don’t get tipped, there are plenty of stories out there that food service workers just don’t get the respect they deserve.

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McDonald's is one of the companies that is leading the wave in the self-service world. In 2023, the restaurant chain opened up its first fully-automated location.

That said, we have a feeling that the drive-thru will never go out of style.

: A McDonald's employee hands a customer her food in a McDonald's drive-thru.
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The drive-thru is a lane where a seconds-long interaction can spin into chaos. Just ask TikTok user @jettyjuju, who has a remedy for rude customers. In a now-viral video, he shares the tea.

This McDonald’s employee joked about making rude customers pay more for their food — the internet reacts.

In @jettyjuju’s viral TikTok video, he shared how he deals with hangry patrons at McDonalds. “When I ring up two ten pieces, two medium fries, and two drinks instead of two #5 combos because somebody decided to be rude,” he captioned the clip.

He mouthed a quote from a viral Future voiceover: “It’s [an] evil world we live in. But hey, I’ma keep living and loving life."

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The TikTok user was obviously making a joke, but the popular post gained some pretty strong reactions: both from the employee's and the customer’s point of view.

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A few fast food service alums even admitted to doing the exact same thing.

“Or I press remove offer when they want a $3 bundle,” one TikTok user commented.

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Another TikToker added: “I ain't going to lie I did this once because a woman came in screaming at me for something that happened at a different location.”

Some commenters even shared that they had been in the same situation as @jettyjuju — except in reverse!

“We got scolded by a boomer because we explained that a 20-piece is cheaper than two 10-pieces,” @overgrownbush wrote. “She wanted two 10-pieces because she had two kids so we explained [it’s] the same.”

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“No, because tell me why last time I put their food in a meal because they basically ordered a meal apart and he got mad that I did that,” someone else chimed in.

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Aside from commenters who echoed @jettyjuju’s sentiments, there were a lot of commenters who asserted that he wouldn’t be able to get over on them that easily. “See this could never work with me LMAO,” a fast food aficionado in the comments said. “I know how much my meal is for every place I go because I get the same thing."

“Not with me [because] I memorize the price and plus I always check the receipt,” another person shared in the comments.

Remember, folks! Kindness costs $0.00. So the next time you’re in line at a drive-thru, do us all a favor and keep it cute.

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