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Source: Columbia Pictures

Guys Are Saying the #MenAreNotVeryGoodAt Hashtag Is Misandrist


It's the subject of endless stand-up comedy routines, films, songs, news articles, research studies, you name it: the fundamental "differences" between men and women.

To get into all of the ways this kind of reductionist thinking is "problematic" would take forever, and quite frankly I don't want to get destroyed for saying something about gender.

But there's a reason why there are constant conversations about the role of gender as it pertains to sex across the globe.

Although the nature of relationships are constantly being redefined, and the idea of gender is being expanded, there are still many people who view men and women as black-and-white polar opposite entities. And although sexual orientation is way more complex than that, again, generally speaking, the overwhelming majority of the world's population identifies as heterosexual.

And when it comes to heartache, there really isn't anything that cuts deeper than romantic relationships.