How Loud Is Your Volume on Your Phone? One Woman Wants to Know

One woman is wondering why men and women keep their volume settings different on their phones when playing videos. We break down the video inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 7 2023, Published 9:37 p.m. ET

OK, we have a really deep and philosophical question for you: how loud is the volume on your phone? We know, really just going in with the hard-hitting questions right there.

Jokes aside, we don't think we have ever thought about this until one woman brought it to our attention on TikTok.

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Erica Tafavoti, who goes by @tafavoti on TikTok, made a video of her breaking down the difference in volume settings between her and her husband and posed the question, is this a men vs. women thing?

We break down the video below.

A woman wants to know if the volume settings on people's phones are different for men vs. women.

The video that Erica posted about the differences between volume settings for men and women already has 2 million views, with 177.9 thousand likes, and 7,763 comments.

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Erica opens by asking the viewer, "If you're at home watching TikTok by yourself, how loud is the volume that you listen on?" The reason she is asking is because she has a theory about the differences between the volumes that men and women listen on.

Erica tells us that even if she is home alone, she keeps her volume on "two clicks higher than mute" because she likes it quiet and doesn't like "loud noises."

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Erica then goes into a story about her husband saying, "When my husband watches TikTok, he will show me a video and I'll be like, 'It's hurt, it's hurting my ears.'"

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Erica will then ask him to turn down the video even when he's holding the phone two feet away from her. Erica poses the question at the end, "Why is that?"

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One commenter decided to answer Erica's question, "Why is that?" saying that, "Because my parents made me feel like evidence of my existence was a burden."

Another had a similar sentiment writing that, "We’re taught to be quiet and compact ourselves so that we don’t bother anyone." We sure do hope both of these people are unpacking this in therapy in addition to the comment section.

People also commented that their husbands are the same way. One person said, "PREACH! His phone is always louder than the TELEVISION"

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The caption for the video reads, "What’s your default phone volume for scrolling??" and some people took to the comments to answer that question. One person commented that they also have their volume, "two clicks above mute," and Erica responded "My gal."

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Our favorite comments though have to be the women reading their husbands for the brightness on their screens. Nicolle wrote, "For me, it's screen brightness. My husband's phone is the Sun." Sarah agreed writing, "That and the BRIGHTNESS. Why do their phones look like the sun?" Wever added that it's her kids' phones that are so bright that she can't even see the screen.

Personally, and this may be an unpopular take, but I have my phone pretty loud. When I'm watching TikTok videos, the volume is about halfway up. When I'm working out with headphones on, I crank it all the way. Sorry, Erica.

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