Confused by Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande's "Met Him Last Night"? Here's a Quick Explainer

Are you confused by Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande's "Met Him Last Night"? Here's a quick explainer about the meaning of the collaboration.

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Apr. 8 2021, Published 8:35 p.m. ET

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande
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The newest album from Demi Lovato, "Dancing with the Devil... The Art of Starting Over," is a raw look at what the artist experienced following her 2018 overdose. The album is a brutally honest tour of what Demi dealt with for the past three years, and each song goes into specific details of separate aspects of her life in recovery.

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For instance, "ICU" is heartbreakingly subtitled "Madison's Lullaby." Madison, Demi's little sister, appears in her big sister's new documentary series, Dancing with the Devil, where we learn that, following her overdose, Demi was left unable to see her little sister sitting by her bedside. "ICU" is a promise that she will be there for her sister, as she sings, "I see you." 

And one of the breakout tracks of the album, "Melon Cake," is a promise that Demi will eat a birthday cake whenever she wants. Her old management team only allowed her to eat watermelon cake on her special day while she struggled with her eating disorder.

But what about Demi's collaboration with Ariana Grande, "Met Him Last Night"? What's the hidden meaning behind the song?

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What is "Met Him Last Night" about?

In "Met Him Last Night," Demi and Ariana detail a night with the devil. As is pretty evident by the title of the album, there's a good deal of devil and demon imagery throughout the songs. "Met Him Last Night" discusses how Demi, and how anyone, can fall into their addictions, or their demons, without even realizing it.

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However, believe it or not, Demi didn't write "Met Him Last Night." Ariana did. 

"She's a close friend of mine, so she knew my story pretty well, and so when she started writing this song, she actually thought about me. She wrote the song with me in mind, and then she played it for me," Demi explained to SiriusXM. "And I was like, 'I love it, you should just stay on the track.'"

Initially, Ariana insisted that she would be "mystery harmony lady," but Demi convinced her that the world wanted to hear the two of them together. "She's so talented, so great, and I'm so grateful to have a friend like her," Demi said of Ariana.

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So although "Met Him Last Night" does fit perfectly into "Dancing with the Devil... The Art of Starting Over," the song was written for Demi rather than by her. Still, it certainly seems that Demi was right when she said that Ariana knew her well.

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In fact, some fans have noticed that the opening line in the song, "Late at night, I'm sippin' as you pass me by / Red or white? You pour another, say, 'It's fine,'" fits right in with "Dancing with the Devil," where Demi sings about how "just a little red wine" really meant so much more and led her down dangerous paths, making excuses the whole way. 

"Met Him Last Night" seems to somewhat be a sister song to "Dancing with the Devil," as they rely heavily on devil and demon metaphors to discuss believing that you're in control and then realizing that you're not in control at all.

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