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Source: twitter

People Are Actually Debating Whether or Not Michael Kors Is for "Poor Folks"


There's a debate on Twitter as to whether or not Michael Kors is actually a "premium" brand or not and tempers are flariing.

One of the things that used to upset me the most about my 5th and 6th grade elementary school was that the "flexing" culture was huge. Lodi, NJ isn't the most affluent town in Bergen County, which might be why the kids I went to school with were so concerned with the material possessions everyone else had.

Name labels and brands ruled the roost and everyone was so quick to point to their latest outfits as a means of distinguishing themselves. It always bothered me, not just because my family went through some rough financial times, but because it didn't seem like something anyone should be proud of to begin with. Call me corny, but shouldn't you value intelligence, good-heartedness, enthusiasm, work ethic, and a self-cultivation of talent over what your parents are able to afford? Just thinking about it makes me mad.

I got flashes of that "flex-rage" when Airpod memes started popping up all over Twitter; it's sad to see that some things never change.

There's a group of bourgeois folks on Twitter who are outing Michael Kors as not being "premium enough" and are roasting anyone who likes the MK label.

Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a handbag seems like a moronic purchase to me regardless of the label on it, unless it possesses some crazy technology inside. But apparently some pieces of sewn-together and dried dead-cow skin are superior to others.

It all started with this tweet from @kyslime.