Is It Possible to Win at Rock Paper Scissors Every Time in 'Miitopia'?

Some think the Rock Paper Scissors minigame in 'Miitopia' is one of the easiest ways to earn gold. Here's a guide to increasing your chances of winning.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 25 2021, Published 6:18 p.m. ET

Nintendo has finally incorporated the underutilized Miis into a game for the Switch with Miitopia, an adventure game centered around you and the Miis saved to your device.

The title comes with an entire campaign to play out, featuring you as the main character, but there are also a variety of minigames to master along the way — with one of the more popular ones being Rock Paper Scissors.

Here's our guide to increasing your chances of winning this minigame (and increasing your final prize).

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Rock Paper Scissors is one of the quickest ways to earn gold in 'Miitopia.'

Of course, gold is an important part of Miitopia gameplay, but sometimes it can be tricky to accumulate a lot of it in a short amount of time. One of the easiest ways players have found to earn gold quickly is by playing Rock Paper Scissors.

The game, which can be played for only one Game Ticket at the Inn, grants players with between 500 and 10,000 gold for one win, and the final payout increases if you win subsequent rounds.

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The game is pretty self-explanatory: You compete in a round of Rock Paper Scissors against a robot. If you win, you can either taking that gold with you, or you have the option to play again for a double-or-nothing prize. As you progress through the game, the prize amount increases, offering higher rewards for each round played. You can play up to five rounds with one ticket, though if you lose, you walk away with nothing.

How to win at Rock Paper Scissors every time.

Unfortunately, there isn't one clear way to win at Rock Paper Scissors every time you play. Because you are playing against a computer and it's not possible to hack into the game's code, it seems as though the computer picks between rock, paper, and scissors at random every time.

That being said, some claim to have varying success with a supposed hack that has been circulating around the internet. It's based on the hand gesture the computer makes before drawing.

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There are three different hand motions the computer makes: a fist, a single waving finger, and a two-finger taunting motion. Some claim that these movements correspond with which option the computer will choose in any round after the first.

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If the computer shows the fist, you should choose the same draw you won the previous round with. If the computer waves a finger, you should choose the weakness to whatever you won the previous round with (for example, if you won with rock the previous round, you should choose scissors, because the computer will choose paper). If the computer does the taunting motion, you should choose the strength over whatever you won the previous would with (meaning if you previously chose rock, you should choose paper).

This theory has not been proven to be completely effective, but many have claimed that it has increased their success rate when playing. If you're determined to win at Rock Paper Scissors, testing this theory out likely won't hurt your chances.

For those who are fed up with the minigame, or are looking for something that offers a higher payout, the Roulette Wheel seems to be another fan favorite.

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