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Source: iStock Photo / Twitter

The Story of How a Guy Trying to Maintain Elite Airline Status Landed in a Mexican Jail Without His Passport


Mileage runs are often short trips that very frequent fliers sometimes book to maintain their elite status with their preferred airline. I personally have no idea why someone would get on a plane if they didn't have to, but for people who are always traveling and enjoy the perks of an elevated status, it can be worth it. TV producer Andrew Kimmel had just flown back to L.A. from Indonesia and found himself just short of maintaining elite status with American Airlines. So he decided to take a quick 24-hour trip to Mexico, thinking it would be no big deal. 

What happened next is the stuff of Hangover movies. But it happened in real life. The story involves a Mexican jail, a lost passport, and a very nice stranger from Kenya. It's quite the journey.

Source: Twitter

I don't exactly understand why American Airlines would charge over $1,000 to maintain his status when he was only $275 away, but that's not the point. The point is Andrew flew to Mexico specifically to keep his elite status with American Airlines. He wasn't planning to go there. It was basically supposed to be a quick layover before he went home to L.A.