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Source: iStock Photo / Twitter

Guy Tweeted About a Girl Once, Logged on 10 Years Later to Let Us Know They're Married


Some people constantly tweet about their lives. Just yesterday, I couldn't help posting a picture of my new haircut. For people like us, it's really strange to realize that some people don't post all of their big life events on the internet for the world to see. Some people are content to just have face-to-face interactions and form true and deep connections with other people. Weird, right? 

For one man, Twitter was a thing he tried in 2009. He wrote a couple tweets, including a funny one about a girl he met at a bar, and then he gave it up... for ten years. He just logged on again to share that the girl he tweeted about that one time ten years ago is the girl he married. And, of course, all of Twitter fell head over heels for this adorable, very succinct love story. 

Source: Twitter