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Teenager Thwarts Her Influencer Mom's Exploitation With "No Photos" Sweatshirts


Mommy bloggers who are Instagram influencers (and, to a lesser extent, dadfluencers) all over the world use pictures of their kids and tell stories about them to boost their "brands" every single day. It usually starts when the kids are babies, too small to know exactly what's going on or express an opinion about essentially being propped up as accessories in their parent's venture.

But what happens when that baby becomes a kid? And then a teenager? And suddenly has opinions about how, when, and in what context they want to be captured on camera? What do you do when your kid has enough agency to say, "I don't want to be included in this"? There's a whole generation of kids growing up who had versions of their childhood plastered all over the internet, and now at least some of them are deciding for themselves that they've had enough.