Mom Explains Why Her Home Is the "Hangout House" and How Yours Can Be Too

A mom on TikTok explains the reasons for how her home became the "hangout house" for her son and his friends and even offers advice.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 28 2023, Published 10:13 p.m. ET

When I was young, I moved to a new neighborhood and into a reasonably big house. As I (finally) started making new friends over the years, my mom's house slowly but surely transitioned to being the "hangout house."

In case you aren't aware, a hangout house refers to the parents' home where their kids typically always invite their friends to come and chill.

My childhood home essentially became that for my friends and even my friends' friends whom I didn't know very well and thought them rude for being there.

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Interestingly enough, however, there are parents out there who want their own houses to be the designated hangout house for their kids if for no other reason than to be able to keep tabs on their own children without them going off to a friend's house who they don't know.

Tami on TikTok is a somewhat-proud owner of a hangout house for her son. She has some interesting tips on how other parents can achieve the same status.

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This mom has figured out reasons why she's the hangout house and offers advice to other parents.

In late July 2023, Tami (@tamrastark886) spoke about how her home became the hangout house for her son and whatever kids he was loosely associated with at the time. She had apparently heard from other parents who wanted the same status for their own homes.

"There is never just one teenager at my house," Tami claims in her video. "There is either six or 12 or 18 or 24. It's like they only travel in packs and when another group shows up, there's several of them that show up."

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Tami then broke down the top reasons why kids always hang out at her house. For one, she's labeled herself "the snack queen." She admitted that while she picks up some fruit and small snacks to present some healthier options, she often stocks up on the greasy chips, junk food, and sugary drinks that kids crave.

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Tami also revealed that she doesn't necessarily set too many ground rules for kids who come over. Doors have to be open for whenever boys and girls are present in the home and there's no alcohol available to the children either. Other than that, Tami simply lets the kids do their thing without hovering too much.

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Tami presents her TikTok as sort of an informative video for other parents based on her own experience. She mainly addresses "people that want to see their kids more often."

"You just need to lighten up the reins a little bit," Tami advises. "Make yourself scarce and make sure there's really crappy food in the house." At least you'll know where you child is.

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It may not be super great advice for parents who want to make sure their kids are making healthy food choices, but folks appreciated the tips that Tami presented.

One person in the comments section revealed, "My mom would always ask why she wasn't the hangout house but did nothing to make anyone feel welcome."

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Another person wrote, "That's the trick. Be open and don't look for problems. They are safe in your house."

One TikToker even proved Tami's point in the opposite direction, writing, "My parents always tried to be the hangout house, but then they would get furious when anyone broke one of the 1,000 rules they have."

Tami's not like a regular mom, she's like a cool mom who sets up a safe but welcoming environment as a hangout house expert. She has learned over time what works for her and her son. It's important for kids and teens to have safe places to hang out.

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