“He’s Just There” — Mom Shows Dad Scrolling on His Phone During Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping is an event in most families’ households. However, one woman revealed the tasks can be more daunting for moms than for dads.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 12:07 p.m. ET

A mom and dad back-to-school shopping with their daughter
Source: TikTok/@@thiswellplannedlife

Nothing says “summer’s over” quite like seeing back-to-school advertisements. Once those pop up in your streaming commercials and social media feeds, it’s time to hang up the hammocks and break out your first of many PSLs or Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

For parents, sending the kids back to school can be a welcomed way for the family to get back into their routine. But first, they have to ensure the kiddos are dressed for success.

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To achieve this, many parents begin back-to-school shopping well before the summer ends.

In August 2023, one mom shared video of her shopping trips with her daughter and her husband. The short footage showed the differences between how seriously (or not seriously) moms and dads take the daunting task of back-to-school shopping.

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A mom’s work is never done — even when dad is supposed to be the one helping.

On Aug. 25, 2023, TikTok user Chevonne (@thiswellplannedlife) gave her followers a look into her back-to-school shopping experience with her husband and their daughter. In the video, Chevonne wrote “Moms vs. dads taking their kids back-to-school shopping.” The user then spent the rest of her video sharing exactly what she meant.

Chevonne recorded herself in the fitting room with her daughter and practically being the child’s stylist. The mom adjusted her child’s pants and then moved on to her shoes. She made sure that her daughter had enough space in her shoes. Chevonne then fastened her daughter’s pants to make sure that they fit as well.

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After showing everything she does for her child during back-to-school shopping, Chevonne turned the camera on her husband. Her hubby sat in the waiting area of the store with his phone in his hand. As he’s scrolling away, the husband is surrounded by several shopping bags from PacSun and Bath & Body Works.

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Chevonne used the juxtaposing tasks to show how moms handle back-to-school shopping versus how the dads in the children’s lives deal with the duties. Women are often seen as the ones who handle all of the “feminine roles” such as shopping, cooking, caring for the kids at home, etc., while fathers are often allowed to chill and relax during the tasks.

As Chevonne said in her TikTok caption, the dads don’t have to do much but show up and take care of the heavy lifting.

“He’s just there to swipe and carry the bags 🤣🤣,” Chevonne wrote of her husband. “I gotta make sure it fits! Idc how old you are.”

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Plenty of moms could relate to the couple’s assigned back-to-school shopping roles.

Chevonne’s TikTok of her and her husband’s hilarious shopping trip with their daughter resonated with fellow TikTok viewers. Several users related to the couple’s transparent shopping process and said they operate the same way in their households.

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“The dad’s job is the guard of the bags 😂,” one user wrote.

“So true,” another said.

Other TikTokers who found the post relatable said they remembered having similar experiences when they went back-to-school shopping.

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Many recalled their dads seeming just as out during their tagalongs as Chevonne’s husband was.

“My pops just be standing there like ‘that’s all?’ ‘next store?’ ‘Y’all hungry?’” one user said.

“This is too real😭,” another added.

Unfortunately, several users said they’ve never experienced shopping with their father at all due to factors like the dad not wanting to go shopping or the dad not being in the household altogether.

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Luckily, many others said they received the “opposite” experience as Chevonne’s and said their dads play active roles in selecting their back-to-school fits.

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