Mother's Day Crafts for Kids
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Nail These DIY Mother's Day Gifts Without Being Crafty (Or Leaving Home)



We get it — it can be really hard to remember what day it is lately, with the novel coronavirus pandemic pressing on. But here’s a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is almost upon us. Let the preparation commence!

It’s anything but business as usual this year. And it can be hard — or even impossible — for many of us to get to the stores or receive online deliveries in time. But have hope!

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There’s no shortage of homemade, heartfelt ideas from kids to their mama bears everywhere.

Since your youngsters won’t be making any special surprises at school as they usually might, it’s time to get a little creative at home. Here are our top ideas for Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

Leave a print on her heart.

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It’s a proven fact that there’s a special soft spot in every mother’s heart for the tiny hand or footprints of her kids. Painted prints are a popular craft at daycares and preschools everywhere.

So break out the (washable) paints and stamp your little one’s hand or foot from the paint to the paper. From there, make a butterfly, flower, or host of other springtime creations using the footprint as a base. 

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Or leave them as is, since they’re adorable as is and will mark this fleeting moment in time. Pro tip: Don’t forget to wash the paint away completely, because moms notice everything and will certainly be suspicious if there are leftover spots of color on the little hands or feet in their lives!

Custom frame her favorite little faces.

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Speaking of capturing a moment in time, kids grow faster than their moms can ever dream they will. Why not take a favorite photo and help your little one create a homemade frame for it? 

Using popsicle sticks, help your child glue each end together to create a square. Then, once it dries, let them bedazzle their little hearts out, drawing or decorating each side of the frame. 

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From markers to buttons, sequins to sparkles, there’s no wrong way to do this fun project. Once the frame is complete, safely cut a favorite photo (that you have duplicates of, just in case.) Glue the photo to the backside of the frame, facing out so that the decorated side surrounds the image. Voila! Homemade memories.

Personalize her quiet time.

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Every mom wants and deserves a time out. No, not the kind that kids get when they’re being punished, but the kind when she is free of responsibility and can truly unwind. Since reading a favorite way to escape real-world duties and to truly relax, a custom kid-made bookmark is a super sweet idea.

The great thing about this craft is you can use many things to create it. 

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From craft or construction paper, felt, or cardboard, help your child safely cut your shape of choice, then decorate any way you choose. You can even opt to use a popsicle stick or two (glued side by side,) depending on what you have at home.

If you go the paper, felt, or cardboard route, once your creation is fully dried, use a hole punch to create an opening at the top, then tie a string or ribbon through. It’s an optional step that will help her find her spot that much more easily. 

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There’s no wrong way to make something from the heart, so use what you have at home plus a bit of your shared creativity, and just have fun with it! The goal is to let her know she is thought of and appreciated — so she’s going to love whatever you come up with.

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