"Where Am I Supposed to Live Tonight?": Woman Moving to New Apartment Finds It Full of Trash Bags

This woman on TikTok was fully prepared to move into her new apartment. The only problem? The hallways was filled with trash bags.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 9 2023, Published 6:32 p.m. ET

Moving apartments can be an incredibly stressful process. After all, you're emptying out your entire living space full of all your things and making sure it all gets safely transported to your new home! There are all sorts of variables to keep track of, and at the end of the day, anyone would want to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible with little to no hiccups along the way.

Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any moment along this process.

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Just ask Shanna Yeh on TikTok (@shannayeh). When it came time for her to move into her new apartment, just about everything that could go wrong with the move went wrong. Shockingly enough, finding her apartment hallway full of trash bags was just the start of her problems. Let's break down what happened and how it all ended.

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This woman's move-in day kept getting worse and worse.

In her TikTok video that was posted on Oct. 1, 2023, Shanna was completely ready to move into her new apartment. She was completely packed and had movers scheduled to take her stuff to her new place.

She was initially told by her new apartment management team that her unit would be unlocked by the time she arrived and that she would be given a key once she was there. Guess how well that turned out.

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Shanna arrived at the apartment building to find the hallway in front of her door completely filled with trash bags and furniture from a completely different place.

"I had to jump over these trash begs to get through to the door," she remembered.

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Naturally, the movers had no way of taking all of her stuff through the trash to get to her apartment. She even briefly considered moving the trash bags into her new place so that they could have room to move, opting to have management pick up the bags at a later point.

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But as if to cut her plans off in their tracks, the apartment was not unlocked like management said it would be. Of course, management themselves couldn't be reached at the time. Shanna was only able to enter after a group of cleaners showed up to clean the place. Even then, they didn't have a key. They entered the apartment using a screwdriver and a credit card.

Unfortunately, the apartment gods weren't done toying with her yet. When she was finally able to enter the apartment, she found the kitchen still packed with food. Everything from the cabinets to the fridge was still full of the previous tenants' items, even though she was told that they were responsible for clearing it out.

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All in all, Shanna had to restructure her entire move-in day. She paid $250 to reschedule the movers for the next day. She was even able to stay in her old apartment for one more night while things got settled at the new place.

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And thankfully, this story has a happy ending. In her TikTok posted the day after her original debacle, Shanna revealed that her newly rescheduled move went off without a hitch. Her movers helped her arrange all of her big furniture and she was officially able to start settling into her new place with no other issues.

Still, it goes to show you that anything can happen during a move!

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