"I'm Never Gonna Get It Cleaned" — Mom's Shop Vac Fills Living Room With Chimney Soot

A mom keen on cleaning her fireplace doesn't realize she is destroying her living space in the process. Folks, don't try this at home!

Melissa Willets - Author

Nov. 8 2023, Published 12:03 p.m. ET

In a cringe-inducing post that will serve as a PSA for what not to do, a mom who shares content on TikTok as @maegan0908, thought she had found an ingenious way to use her shop vac.

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Unfortunately, in her attempt to clean out her fireplace and chimney, she inadvertently blasted soot all over the living room.

This cleaning experiment gone wrong will make you laugh — but may also break your heart.

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Note to self: Do not use a shop vac to clean out your chimney.

This poor mom. As security camera footage captures, she used a shop vac to suck up soot from her chimney. With her daughter looking on in the kitchen, the dust starts to blow out of the back and fill the entire living room.

One would have to guess she didn't have the filter properly installed, or that the shop vac required a bag. Either way, this is a major disaster, and once the mom realizes what is going on, to say she is devastated would be an understatement.

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The house is a mess. The living room is so smokey, that even with the garage and front doors open, the fog isn't disappearing. What a nightmare!

When you see how upset the mom truly is, however, your laughter over the situation may turn to tears.

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The aftermath of the shop vac explosion is basically horrifying.

As TikTok demands to know about the aftermath of the shop vac chimney hellscape, the best way to describe it is that the soot-covered home left the mom in tears, with her saying in a follow-up post, "I'm never gonna get it cleaned."

A man's voice we'll assume is that of her husband jokes they may need a team to come in to mitigate the disaster.

Meanwhile, her adorable daughter, who saved the day originally by alerting the mom to what she was doing, attempts to comfort her distraught mama. "It's in my hair. It's everywhere," bemoans the emotional creator, who goes on to say that she initially thought whoever created the shopvac was a genius.

"I have no love for that thing anymore!" she now swears.

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The worst part of the whole disaster is that the family had already decorated for Christmas. The tree is covered in dust.

Or perhaps the worst part is that being in the living space is making the family sick. The mom starts coughing the second she walks back into the main room.

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"We can't be in here," she says and walks right back out, covering her mouth with her sweatshirt and starting to cry.

The good news is that although the situation was clearly upsetting, the creator is starting to have a little fun at her own expense.

As she shared in a subsequent post about what really went down during that fateful cleaning experiment gone wrong, for folks wondering what the daughter said to get her mom's attention initially, we can confirm she exclaimed, "Mom, what are you doing?"

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If only the little girl had noticed earlier that the shop vac was doing more harm than good.

If only the mom had properly used the cleaning implement.

If only they hadn't yet decorated for the holidays.

At least this woman has gone viral on TikTok. Little consolation that will be as she spends days and maybe even longer purging every nook and cranny of her home of chimney soot.

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