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Source: Disney

Why Is #BoycottMulan Trending? — Disney's 'Mulan' Actress Sparks Controversy


Mickey Mouse will not be happy ...

Ahead of the live-action release of Disney's highly anticipated film Mulan, social media is already calling for the boycotting of the movie. The official trailer for Mulan recently dropped, showing the re-imagining of the animated 1998 classic, which will include zero songs ... and sadly, no Mushu. You know, the comedic pint-size dragon that provided a bit of comic relief.

Instead, the film highlights Mulan's (played by Chinese-born actress Yifei Liu) journey as she attempts to bring honor to her family by masquerading as a man to fight in the Chinese Imperial Army because her father is too ill. "Loyal, brave and true,” she says in the trailer. “It is my duty to protect my family.”