Man Pranks People by Asking if They Want His Card — and It’s the Most Wholesome Thing Ever

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 26 2023, Published 1:36 p.m. ET

It’s no secret many people tend to go over the top when executing pranks. From TikTok to YouTube, there’s an entire subsection of individuals dedicated to outrageous shenanigans that sometimes veer on the side of borderline (and often outright) problematic.

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However, one TikTok creator ran into an older man who appeared to be the antithesis of said pranksters. After bumping into him in a grocery store, @danijackel_ — AKA Dani Jackel — documented the most wholesome prank the app had ever encountered. Here’s what happened.

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A man pranked a TikTok creator by handing her a business card that said “My Card.”

Dani prefaced her viral video by stating that she was at the grocery store, and a man approached her and asked if she wanted his card. He then handed her a plain white business card reading “My Card” in black ink.

“It says ‘My Card!’ He’s just giving cards out,” the creator explained as the man held up the stationary to the camera.

The man chuckled when Dani called his card trick “a vibe” and then shared the history of his harmless prank. “In two years, I’ve handed out 38,000 cards, and everybody’s laughing,” the prankster revealed.

Dani urged him to keep up the good work — and he took her advice to heart. Immediately after their interaction, the creator filmed the man asking another shopper if they’d like his card, to which they agreed. “I like it,” the person said when they realized it literally said, “My Card.”

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The comment section’s reaction to the “My Card” prank was just as endearing.

The TikTok creator wasn’t the only one who found the man’s “My Card” prank completely and utterly adorable. In the comments, users were gushing over how “cute” the man and his dedication to his ongoing joke were. “Stop, I love him,” someone wrote.

Another person pointed out the top-tier nature of the running bit. “He’s committed to Dad jokes till he dies,” they said, followed by a crying laughing emoji.

Others couldn’t help but comment on Dani’s Gen Z slang when she spoke to the older gentleman. “The face [when] you told this 70-year-old man, ‘That’s a vibe,’ hahaha,” a creator joked. “He’s so cute though.”

A TikTok creator calculated how many cards the man handed out per day.

As the man mentioned in Dani’s video, he claimed to have handed out 38,000 cards over the past two years.

And naturally, one creator went above and beyond to calculate the exact number he’s likely passed out per day. “Bro [has] handed out 52 cards every day for two years,” the self-proclaimed mathematician revealed.

Now that is dedication!

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