The Ending of 'My Life With the Walter Boys' Threw Viewers for a Loop — Noah LaLonde Talks Takeaways (EXCLUSIVE)


Dec. 11 2023, Updated 11:13 a.m. ET

Jackie and Uncle Richard on a plane leaving Colorado.
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for My Life With the Walter Boys.

The Gist:

  • At the end of My Life With the Walter Boys, Jackie gets on a plane with her uncle Richard, and the two are heading back to New York.
  • The Walters are able to save their ranch with the help of their eldest son, Will, and Uncle Richard.
  • While Will and Haley may have overcome their struggles and finally tie the knot in the final episode of the series, a text from Morgan has viewers questioning Haley's commitment.
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Netflix’s teen drama series My Life With the Walters Boys, based on the Ali Novak Wattpad novel, is filled with an endless amount of, well, drama! You have Cole (Noah LaLonde) and Alex Walters’ (Ashby Gentry) ongoing rivalry that seems all too relatable for siblings close in age — and then there’s Jackie (Nikki Rodriguez), who’s caught in a love triangle while trying to navigate this new chapter in her life without her family.

While we admit we were relieved to watch Cole and Alex squash their beef in Episode 9, the ending of My Life With the Walter Boys really threw us for a loop. Here’s a thorough explainer of what happens at the end of the series and some takeaways Noah LaLonde revealed exclusively to Distractify, which he hopes will resonate with viewers after watching the show.

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Jackie leaves Colorado at the end of ‘My Life With the Walter Boys.’

Jackie and Cole sitting in a flower field in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

The ending of My Life With the Walter Boys spurred a whirlwind of emotions for us. Will and Haley see past their differences and agree to marry on the Walters’ ranch, Connor gets accepted to Juilliard, and a recruiter from a riding organization sees potential in Alex despite his reins snapping mid-performance.

We also can’t forget Cole’s moment of self-realization as he begins to recognize the areas in his life that call for improvement. He starts on the right path by making amends with Erin (Alisha Newton). After all, he did do her wrong on so many occasions, so the apology was long overdue!

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Yep, things seem to be going pretty well for the Walters (and the new members of their family) up until Jackie and Cole share the most anticipated kiss of the show in the final episode. But just when (most) viewers get what they want, they’re hit with a major curve ball the morning after “the kiss.”

Instead of Jackie facing Cole and addressing where she and Alex stand, she and Uncle Richard are on a morning flight back to New York. Although My Life With the Walter Boys ends with a major cliffhanger, at least the Walters found a way to keep their ranch, right?

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But wait, who is Morgan in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'?

Haley and Will having a serious talk by the lake in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

Before we delve into a few theories on why Jackie left the Walter house, we need to address the text message from Morgan. After Haley and Will say their "I do's," and Cole gives his heartfelt speech in Episode 10, we see the newlyweds snuggled in their cozy tent, enjoying their first night together as a married couple. However, just as they are getting comfortable, Haley's phone dings, and it's a message from someone named Morgan. So, who is Morgan?

We know that Morgan isn't someone Haley wants Will to know about, considering she lied and told him it's from Tara. Morgan could either be someone she started seeing while she and Will were broken up or a friend from the past who is now reentering the picture.

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Morgan might also be someone affiliated with school (Haley made it clear earlier in the show that she was willing to postpone her wedding day in order to pay for school). Instead of being upfront about the sender, she chooses to lie because she feels guilty mentioning school just after telling Will to leave his business talk out of the bedroom, at least for the night.

Jackie and her Uncle Richard talking in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix
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Why does Jackie go back to New York in ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’?

Jackie may have decided to return to New York to avoid having to face Cole and Alex, which would ultimately force her to decide who she wants to be with. It’s bound to happen since she left an apology letter to Alex, who rightfully assumes her departure has something to do with Cole’s actions. Little does he know, his girlfriend and overly charming brother lip-locked the night before.

Another possible explanation for Jackie leaving Colorado is her wanting to pursue an internship offered by a Princeton alumna. While we don’t know if Jackie landed the internship considering she couldn’t explain how she would describe the color gold to a blind person, it’s possible her impressive track record got her the role.

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While we may never know why Jackie left the Walter ranch or who she ends up with (unless there is a Season 2, fingers crossed), the show carries a much deeper meaning than solving a love triangle. Distractify caught up with Noah LaLonde, who explained what he hopes viewers will take away from the show.

"There is a character for everyone in our show," Noah LaLonde tells ‘Distractify.’

Cole (Noah LaLonde) sitting by the lake in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

My Life With the Walter Boys may curb our craving for a teen romance story, but in all honesty, it does much more! And Noah seems to agree. “I hope, and I happen to believe, that there is a character for everyone in our show. With a big family, all the friends from school, the tight-knit community; there are a lot of different characters, facing a myriad of different issues,” Noah exclusively told Distractify.

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The actor, who grew up in Michigan, added, “With all these characters and all their obstacles, I feel like there is someone there for everyone to relate to. And when you can feel a sense of knowing what someone else is going through on-screen, the experience of watching the show immediately has more meaning.”

Whether viewers find the show to serve as a source of hope or inspiration, Noah is hopeful they at least “can find a little piece of home in [it].” He adds, “I know I always loved finding that in television and movies growing up … and providing that for someone else would be a dream.

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