Does Jackie Choose Cole or Play It Safe With Alex in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'?


Dec. 7 2023, Updated 12:14 p.m. ET

Alex, Jackie, and Cole in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for My Life With the Walter Boys.

The Gist:

  • Jackie Howard, a 15-year-old from New York, moves to Colorado after her parents and sister are killed in a tragic accident.
  • Jackie moves in with the Walters, and it's clear a connection develops between her and two brothers, Cole and Alex.
  • Although Jackie and Alex wind up dating, the chemistry between her and Cole lingers.
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My Life With the Walter Boys is the newest addition to Netflix’s lineup of teen dramas. Speaking of drama, the show features an unspoken love triangle between Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez) and two brothers, Alex Walter (Ashby Gentry) and the irresistible Cole Walter (Noah LaLonde). While the chemistry between Jackie and Cole is obvious, she initially takes the safe route by starting to date Alex in Episode 5.

But something tells us that isn’t the end for Jackie and Cole. The connection between them stands out like a sore thumb the entire season. So, does Jackie ultimately end up with Alex or Cole?

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Jackie and Alex begin dating in Episode 5 after they share a kiss in the barn.

Jackie and Alex sitting together in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

There are plenty of moments throughout My Life With the Walter Boys Season 1 that lead up to Jackie and Alex dating. Alex clearly shows interest in the good girl from New York from the get-go but it takes him five long episodes before he finally makes a move.

Alex first scores major cool points after introducing Jackie to the loft, a place he often goes to when he needs an escape from his rowdy brothers. Recording her height on the wall (alongside his siblings') added a few more. But it was after finding a Colorado version of Manhattanhenge that really sealed the deal.

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During Thanksgiving, Jackie’s Uncle Richard (Alex Quijano) describes to the Walter family a place in Manhattan where the sun aligns perfectly with the Manhattan street grid. The result — an explosion of rays shooting in all directions. It was something Jackie’s mother loved, and obviously something that means a lot to her.

So, naturally, Alex’s ability to find a place that even slightly reminds Jackie of her life in New York serves well for the less popular Walter boy. And boy does it because, by the end of Episode 5, Jackie and Alex share a romantic kiss in the barn after returning from “Manhattanhenge" and they start dating. And it all plays out right in front of Cole (who is jealous).

And that brings us to Jackie and Cole’s relationship.

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Do Jackie and Cole ever date in ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’?

Jackie and Cole sitting together in the grass in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'.
Source: Netflix

Despite how frustrated Jackie appears to be with Cole, the connection between the two is evident and we’re sure you’ll notice it too. Before Alex and Jackie become an item, she and Cole have a “moment” during their visit to the lake.

Aside from their heart-to-heart (which seems to happen often throughout the show), their flirtatious teasing session also assures viewers there is an undeniable connection between the two teens. We also can’t forget the time they almost kissed during an exciting game of Truth or Dare.

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Cole’s move to repair Jackie’s teapot (which was given to her by her now-deceased sister Lucy) also shows that Cole is really into Jackie, or New York as he likes to call her.

Cole looking at Jackie's teapot in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'.
Source: Netflix
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Although it took the entire season for the heartthrob and former jock, who is giving us young Leonardo DiCaprio vibes, to return the teapot to Jackie, it was well worth the wait. After all, it was Cole’s thoughtful gesture, something he isn’t really known for doing, that lured Jackie to him so they could finally share a steamy kiss. Let’s be honest, we all wanted it to happen!

While there were plenty of opportunities for Jackie and Cole to connect, it was his transition from being a “bad boy” that likely captured her heart (that, and his telling her he can’t not want her).

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Who does Jackie end up with in ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’?

Jackie and Alex looking into each others eyes in the barn in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
Source: Netflix

Jackie doesn’t choose either one of the Walter boys at the end of Season 1. While she was technically dating Alex when she kissed Cole in Episode 10, she abruptly left Colorado with Uncle Richard the following morning to return to New York. Sadly, Jackie didn't address where she and Alex stand or what her kiss with Cole meant.

Perhaps this sets the scene for a Season 2? Fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

Uncle Richard and Jackie having a serious moment in 'My Life With the Walter Boys'
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Uncle Richard and Jackie having a serious moment.

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'My Life With the Walter Boys' ending explained.

My Life With the Walter Boys concludes with Jackie and her Uncle Richard on a flight to New York. Initially, it appears as though Jackie is running away from the love triangle it took nearly all season for her to acknowledge. Her kiss with Cole and her brief (we're talking two words brief) apology letter to Alex only seems to complicate things even further, so we understand why she would want to remove herself from the situation.

But, perhaps Jackie is leaving Colorado in pursuit of the internship she interviewed for with a Princeton alum. Or, maybe she's just a bit homesick and wants to spend the summer there. Either way, the ending left viewers with tons of questions they can now only theorize the answers for since the series ended on such a cliffhanger.

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