How Many Couples From 'My Mom, Your Dad' Are Still Together? Here's What We Know

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 20 2022, Published 6:38 p.m. ET

Scott and DeNeia
Source: HBO Max

DeNeia Hendrix-Johnson and Scott Devoe

Reality dating shows are great until you finish the last episode and realize that the entire season was filmed months in advance and now there's a decent chance that your favorite couple might not even be together anymore. Boo, lame!

Well, if you breezed through HBO Max’s newest reality dating show, My Mom, Your Dad, then you know exactly what we're talking about. The freshman series, which is a combo of The Circle and Bachelor in Paradise, offers older singles a chance at love.

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But the cool thing is that all of these singles have something in common: They’re each a parent to at least one college-aged kid and have been through divorce. Now, their spawn are trying to get them back in the dating game.

After dropping their lonely creators off at Second Chance Retreat, the kids are brought to a secret bunker where they're able to watch live video footage of literally everything (!) their parents are doing at the retreat.

The kids watch their parents on hidden cameras on 'My Mom, Your Dad'
Source: HBO Max

The kids watch their parents on hidden cameras on 'My Mom, Your Dad.'

Not only that, but they're given unique opportunities to interfere or meddle with their parent’s dates (think: random sprinklers going off, the electricity going out, etc). But despite all the funny shenanigans, three couples did end up forming by the season finale: Grant and Kiki, Scott and DeNeia, and Troy and Karen.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the current status of these couples.

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Are Grant and Kiki still together?

Unfortunately, Grant Kauffman and Kiki Orr appear to have called it quits since meeting on Your Mom, My Dad. Grant's Instagram bio currently reads #SingleDad, and he's been posting memes regarding his nonexistent relationship status.

Meanwhile, Kiki's Instagram is bare of any relationship posts. However, in a post promoting the show, she cryptically wrote: “Whether or not I succeeded remains to be seen, regardless I did my best.”

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Are Scott and DeNeia still together?

Scott Devoe and DeNeia Hendrix-Johnson no longer appear to be coupled off. Their social media accounts are brimming with content from the show, but lack any photos of them together. Scott and DeNeia are also not friends on Facebook.

As a refresher, Scott's daughter Alex shipped their relationship, but DeNeia's son MJ had a pretty hard time accepting it. While he did give Scott his blessing in the end, it didn't seem to matter as their love appears to have fizzled out.

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Are Troy and Karen still together?

While Karen Larrea did leave the show early for a family emergency, she and love interest Troy Petrick did both commit to starting a relationship with one another once they returned to their normal lives. However, they no longer seem to be together.

During a remote Instagram Live chat with fellow cast member Philip L Patrick on Jan. 19, Karen dodged questions about Troy.

She also spoke on how she missed her castmates and even admitted to hanging out with a few of them since the show wrapped. However, she made it very clear that all of her hangouts were "collectively as a group" and not one-on-one. There are currently no traces of Troy on her social media and vice versa.

Interested in watching? Your Mom, My Dad is now streaming on HBO Max.

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