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Woman Named Qur'stylle Wants to Change Her Name, But Her Parents Are Freaking Out



Most of us like our names or at least have no strong feelings about them. But what do you do when your parents royally screw you over with their name choice? You have to change it, right? 

One person who recently posted in Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" might have the most compelling case I've ever seen to change her name. It's Qur'stylle. Her name is Qur'stylle. Apparently, her parents weren't satisfied with the spelling of "Crystal" or "Chrystal" and decided to complicate it beyond all comprehension. 

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OP, Qur'stylle, explains that her whole life she's been met with total confusion and endless questions when people learn the spelling of her name. She writes, "I have always told people to just spell it as Chrystal and my parents (mainly mom) would take huge offense to it and would email my teachers every year to make sure they pronounce my name correctly."

She goes on to say that her mom even grounded her once because she told people to just save her name as Chrystal in their contacts. Since she's now an adult, she went and got her name legally changed to Chrystal — which is still the same pronunciation! just a different spelling! — so, in her words, she doesn't "have to deal with this f--king bulls--t for the rest of my life." 

She writes, "Your name affects how people see you, much of it is subconscious," and that's true, right? She says that people always thought she was a "spoiled brat" when they saw how her name was spelled. So, she went ahead and changed it. 

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Well, reader, you probably guessed that her mom flipped out. According to OP, she "started crying and threatened to cut me off for doing this." She said that she "betrayed her and our family" by changing the spelling of her name from Qur'stylle to Chrystal. 

OP told her mom in no uncertain terms to "go f--k herself" and explained that her name has caused problems her entire life. Then she came to Reddit for a "sanity check." Don't worry, Qur'stylle. You were right. 

First, as one person pointed out, she's an adult. Legally, it's her prerogative to change her name. No matter what her name was, it would be her rightful choice to change it. 

Second, as many others wrote in the comments, her parents seem awful. "Your mom thinks you're her possession to show off," one person wrote. "She picked that name for the same reason people get their sports cars in bright red: 'Look at this awesome thing I own!'" 

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It's clear that her parents didn't consider what having a name like Qur'stylle would do to her, and then, when she grew up and constantly complained about it and clearly hated it, they didn't care. They still don't. 

It would have been one thing if there was a deeper meaning to her name, if it came from a family member or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case. "If it was a culturally or religiously important name with roots in the family then maybe that would be on the spectrum of betrayal but this is just basic narcissism," one person wrote.

I hope that things turn around for Chrystal when it comes to matters concerning her name from now on. I'm sure that part of her life will be easier now. Her relationship with her parents, not so much, but at least her name's not Qur'stylle anymore, right?

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