'Nancy Drew's' Tunji Kasim Teases Season 3 Storylines, Says Nick Faces His "Demons" (EXCLUSIVE)

Nick and George's relationship will change in more ways than one in Season 3 of 'Nancy Drew.' Tunji Kasim explains what's in store for the duo.

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Nov. 1 2021, Published 2:52 p.m. ET

Tunji Kasim (photo by Noah Asanias)
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A modern take on the cult-classic book series, the CW's Nancy Drew chronicles the mind-blowing adventures of a group of amateur sleuths in Horseshoe Bay, Maine.

Season 3 marks the arrival of Temperance, a villain even more terrifying than the Aglæca. Her artful manipulations pose a grave threat to the Drew Crew. What's more, an enigmatic character from Nick's past forces Nick to reevaluate his relationship with George.

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Distractify spoke exclusively with Nancy Drew actor Tunji Kasim, who plays Nick, about what's next for his character. Will Nick and George be heading down the aisle anytime soon?

How will Nick and George's relationship evolve in Season 3 of 'Nancy Drew'?

Nick and George (Leah Lewis) start dating in Season 1 of Nancy Drew. George proposes in the Season 2 finale, but avid fans of the show had to wait until the Season 3 premiere to find out Nick's answer.

Nick and George's harmonious relationship offers a welcome contrast to the goosebump-inducing scenes depicting the shenanigans of a not-to-be-named Viking god or the lone suffering of a book author. But, as Tunji says, change is in the air.

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"Nick has split himself into two halves, the guy before the traumatic incident [the murder conviction] and the guy in Maine," Tunji explains to Distractify. "In Season 3, people from his past appear in Horseshoe Bay and force him to confront his past and reconcile it with his present."

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As loyal viewers will recall, Nick lived with his parents in Florida before Tiffany Hudson's (Sinead Curry) testimony threw his whole life off course. Having served in prison for a murder conviction — which, in actuality, was self-defense — Nick opts for the blank-page method and starts a new life in Maine. But the arrival of an old acquaintance is bound to leave Nick with no choice but to take stock of his latest achievements, engagement included.

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So, does George die in 'Nancy Drew?'

As Tunji suggests, Nick and George also have the added pressure of George's shortened lifespan, an unwelcome byproduct of her spiritual merger with Odette Lamar (Anja Savcic).

"A proposal is a huge thing, it's a huge shift. George has the added pressure of having a shortened lifespan, so it dials everything right up," he adds. "In Season 3, Nick has to face [his] demons and question what actually motivates him to do what he does. That's in large part down to his relationship with George."

But, as Tunji says, Nick's grappling with his past won't spoil his relationship with George: "There's a lot of joy and a lot of bright future ahead for Nick and George."

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Who is the Season 3 villain in 'Nancy Drew?'

Temperance (Bo Martynowska) opted for the Elizabeth Báthory treatment in the Season 2 finale of Nancy Drew. Much like the 16th-century noblewoman, she treated herself to a bath spruced up with the blood of a young woman. Temperance used Nancy's blood — and she is now ready to cause some real ruckus.

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"She is a very manipulative individual," Tunji describes the character. "She really exposes the splits in the group."

Temperance is bound to take Bess (Maddison Jaizani) under her wings, which, as Tunji hints, might bring about some unexpected scenes. What's more, her conniving might impact Nick's relationship with George. "Temperance being in town doesn't necessarily help de-escalate tensions in Nick and George's relationship," he says.

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