Natalie Joy Was Accused of Cheating on Nick Viall — With a Shoe Surgeon!

"Natalie Joy was having a full-blown affair right around the time she and Nick got engaged," according to the web.

Alex West - Author

Jul. 6 2024, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall attend 2023 Variety's Women Of Reality TV
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It wouldn't be Bachelor Nation without a bit of drama and the latest Natalie Joy cheating rumor certainly fits the bill. The internet is contemplating whether or not Natalie was faithful to Nick Viall and he's had some words to offer on the situation.

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It all started on the depths of Reddit as many good reality television conspiracies do. In June, some "unverified tea" dropped on the LA Influencer Snark subreddit that ignited a flame.

 Nick Viall and Natalie Joy attend the DIRECTV Celebrates Christmas At Kathy's event
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What are the Natalie Joy cheating rumors?

The Redditor alleged: "Natalie Joy was having a full-blown affair right around the time she and Nick got engaged and right before she got pregnant. She even wanted to leave Nick for this other guy, but he was also in a relationship and wasn't down. He's well-known in the LA scene and has somewhat of an IG following. This is why her friend group fell apart shortly after the engagement."

"They found out. Unsure if Nick knows but leaning towards him knowing because it's LA and people talk (clearly.) This is a throwaway account for obvious reasons," the account added.

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Word travels fast on the web and, of course, it got back to Nick after it went mainstream. We have Harry Jowsey to thank for that, by the way. Amid beef between the two, the Bachelor alum shaded Nick when replying to a fan on Instagram.

"50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20s dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that than worrying about me," he wrote, according to Cosmopolitan.

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With it going mainstream, the press couldn't help but start poking around a bit, so when Nick appeared on the Lady Gang podcast, Entertainment Tonight reported that he was asked about those budding Reddit rumors.

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall attend ESPN And CFP's Allstate Party At The Playoff Event at The Majestic Downtown
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He dodged the question, noting that he typically avoids seeing "insane" rumors because he simply doesn't pop online and prefers to "disconnect." Nick added, “I’m really good at protecting my mental health and the mental health of my family. And I mean it when I say it, like, I’ve always liked to work. I’ve enjoyed work. Like, the more I build the show, the less famous I want to be. I mean that.”

When he was asked about the speculation on his relationship, Nick pretty much kept it short and sweet. "It is what it is," he said. “You can never have thick enough skin to handle whatever rumors are about you. I am aware of a ton of rumors about me and I know that I’m unaware of 90 percent more because I don’t fucking read it.”

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As for Natalie, she's been quiet, so we'll need to keep our ears open and see if she says anything. Beyond that snarky post, not much has been spread, so there are no solid sources to really confirm much at all.

Nicole was accused of cheating with a shoe surgeon, so who is it?

Fans on Reddit were immediately arranged that the burner account was so vague about the information, arguing that since they were hiding behind anonymity, they should just come out with the name altogether.

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Dominic Chambrone attends the BMW XM Launch
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While they didn't go quite that far, they did leave a hint, saying that the other man was "the shoe surgeon." A fan put together the pieces writing, "Dominic Chambrone? Idk what I was picturing but it wasn’t that lol."

The original poster weighed in yet again to make a golden point. They added: "I thought the same thing at first but … he’s 37, he’s well known and successful and has $$ so it tracks."

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