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Don't Ignore National Middle Child Day Like That One Sibling You Always Forget



The complex topic of family dynamics is one that our species will definitely be discussing, stressing out over, and talking to therapists about for centuries to come. And while every member of a familial unit ends up having their own unique struggles to deal with, it's hard to argue that middle children often get the short end of the stick. Now that it's National Middle Child Day, many siblings are sharing their angst over their placement in the family to celebrate the occasion.

And they're doing it with National Middle Child Day memes, for the most part.

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Babies bring joy ... but maybe not so much for the poor kid who just realized they're stuck in the middle.

It can be tough to reconcile yourself with the fact that you don't have the "special honor" of being the first kid in your parents' lives, but also knowing you're not the baby everyone's fawning over and all the privileges that come with it either.

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But maybe you can make yourself feel better knowing that in some families, the oldest is left to fend for themselves a lot of times too. Or it can be worse knowing that that's the fate that awaits you.

Let's be honest though, there is usually a clear hierarchy when it comes to sibling dynamics. The oldest usually gets first dibs on everything and they'll be quick to establish that.

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But at least you'll be strong as the result of all these hardships at the end of the day, right? I guess that's if you like having thick skin and going through torment, that is.

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And maybe you talk about being a middle child too much that it ultimately ends up inducing eyerolls from your family and friends.

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As a middle child myself, I can definitely confirm that this is 100% the case. I may be biased, but, shut up, you don't know what you're talking about.

The dynamics of middle child syndrome can be felt everywhere, even when it comes to cosmetics tutorials videos.

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For some people, it's a cultural thing. While I have no firsthand experience of Desi middle child syndrome, I know that in my Albanian family, this is a very, very real thing.

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This very real phenomenon can apply to cities as well. Must be why I have such an affinity for Queens I guess.

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we had to figure stuff out on our own, or help to care for our younger siblings, or learn from the mistakes of our older brothers and sisters, or maybe it's a combination of it all, but I would have to agree with this statement.

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It probably has something to do with the fact that you deserve all the pain that's given to you for being born in the middle. Just kidding — it's because your parents are utilizing you to take on their responsibilities as caretakers.

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There are some benefits to being a middle child, too. Like bequeathing your second hand clothes to your younger sibling who will now know the joy of third-rate clothing.

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It's pretty dastardly of whoever created this meme to use such a beloved Jurassic Park scene to lampoon our Middle Child pain.

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No Stephanie Tanner, you're not nothing. You're actually the funniest person on this lame-as-hell show.

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Well, they always say the best comedy comes from truth but that's just ... ouch Conan. Ouch.

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