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19 National Tequila Day Memes to Keep You Laughing in Between Shots



Of course there's a National Tequila Day because the hard liquor is nothing short of incredible. Tequila is so good that when you're mentioning it in a song, it's the only word you need to say to make it good. People love tequila so much, it somehow gave Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen a career.

The wonderful beverage crafted from Agave gets a bad rap for being the official juice of bad decisions, and while there's a longstanding belief that tequila is a beverage that makes you crazy (hint: it doesn't, you're just crazy), people still love to get jiggy with it.

Out of all the hard liquors, tequila has one of the lowest calorie counts at 64 a shot. Plus, it has a naturally sweet flavor without being sugary, so you don't need to throw in a bunch of additives to make it sweet. Slice of grapefruit, wedge of lime, seltzer water, and two shots of tequila in a large glass? Is there a better, foolproof, low-calorie summer beverage out there? The answer's no, dingus.

The following National Tequila Day memes will keep you laughing in between shots.

1. So in honor of the day celebrating this beautiful booze, enjoy these perfect memes.

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Of course there are restaurants coming up with some dad-joke worthy tequila references and puns in honor of National Tequila Day.

2. Remember when I said tequila gets blamed for people's bad decisions?

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Even though that's a load of bunk, people are still chalking up their weird behavior to tequila. Booze in general can be blamed for that, people! Tequila is love. Tequila is life.

3. You want to twerk? That's not tequila's fault, miss.

Please don't bring tequila into this. I feel like I have to cover every bottle of Patron's eyes right now. How dare you, ma'am.

4. Apparently even when you don't drink tequila it can get you in trouble.

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Merely holding the beverage will cause Siri to shade you. How about this, you can RESPOND by getting me a towel. Thanks for NOTHING, Siri!

5. Again, let's bring some science into this.

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What you're most likely experiencing when you're "tequila drunk" is the lack of sugar that makes you feel sick. Drunk is drunk though, no matter what you're drinking. I don't know how many times it needs to be said.

6. Tequila and memes... great combination apparently.

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I also get all nostalgic and depressed about Harambe myself after downing a couple of shots of tequila.

7. Its name can also be invoked to inspire others.

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I could see this in cross-stitch above a bar somewhere. If you see that, you should get up off that bar and immediately go after that passion project you're working on... right after one more shot. Actually, there's always tomorrow.

8. 10 shots of anything will do this to you.

Nevertheless, this is still a very accurate summation of what that feels like.

9. What is this, magic booze?

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@HellsDanielles you better not be telling tall tales because I'm definitely going to see what the dealio is here if this really is the case. If it turns out you can't hold your liquor then so help me god...

10. Honestly? Rude.

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Storytime: a bartender attacked me for my life choices when I was just trying to engage in self-care.

11. Guess who isn't getting a job?

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Technically, they aren't wrong though. I feel like a lot of people could relate to this. Heavily.

12. The old bait and switch.

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Take THAT bodily functions. An another note, that actually sounds quite delicious, holy heck.

13. The greatest poem of our generation.

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Move over, Shakespeare, you big, play-writing nerd.

14. C'mon!

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"I thought this was a friggin' birthday party, lighten up! See, the party clown thinks it's a good idea, he's taking shots with me! What do you mean you didn't hire a clown?"

15. Drinking and driving is not encouraged.

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But squeezing into a power wheels while drunk off of tequila is. I'd love to see that, personally.

16. It will do that to you.

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You know, it's all about loving yourself at the end of the day and if you need to drink a heck of a lot in order to do that, then more power to you.

17. It's all about looking on the bright side.

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No reason to be so negative or judgmental about everything all of the time, you know?

18. This man is onto something.

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Sliced bread isn't even that good. I mean have you ever had Aldi brioche? Those who have know exactly what I'm talking about and that isn't pre-sliced at all. FAR FROM IT, in fact.

19. With tequila, anything's possible.

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Even turning into Nic Cage and turning to a life of national larceny and mild treason. Ok, HEAVY treason.

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