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19 National Tequila Day Memes to Keep You Laughing in Between Shots


Of course there's a National Tequila Day because the hard liquor is nothing short of incredible. Tequila is so good that when you're mentioning it in a song, it's the only word you need to say to make it good. People love tequila so much, it somehow gave Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen a career.

The wonderful beverage crafted from Agave gets a bad rap for being the official juice of bad decisions, and while there's a longstanding belief that tequila is a beverage that makes you crazy (hint: it doesn't, you're just crazy), people still love to get jiggy with it.

Out of all the hard liquors, tequila has one of the lowest calorie counts at 64 a shot. Plus, it has a naturally sweet flavor without being sugary, so you don't need to throw in a bunch of additives to make it sweet. Slice of grapefruit, wedge of lime, seltzer water, and two shots of tequila in a large glass? Is there a better, foolproof, low-calorie summer beverage out there? The answer's no, dingus.

The following National Tequila Day memes will keep you laughing in between shots.

1. So in honor of the day celebrating this beautiful booze, enjoy these perfect memes.

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Of course there are restaurants coming up with some dad-joke worthy tequila references and puns in honor of National Tequila Day.