Woman Takes Furniture Neighbor Was Throwing Out and Sells It on Facebook Marketplace

In a now-viral video, a woman shares how she earned a few bucks by selling items on Facebook Marketplace that her neighbor was giving away.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Nov. 17 2023, Published 12:38 p.m. ET

Are you the type of person who just throws out items that you don’t want anymore or do you try to hawk them online for a reduced price? Because this story contains both of these types of people.

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After one woman notices that a neighbor has been throwing away their slightly used and seemingly valuable furniture, she decides to take the items and sell them online. The phrase “one man’s trash is another's treasure,” definitely rings true here, but perhaps the word treasure should be switched to hustle. She was kind enough to document everything on TikTok for our viewing pleasure.

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Woman sells furniture on Facebook Marketplace that she got for free from a neighbor.

A TikTok creator named Andrea (@avocandreatoast) took to the platform to show the world her latest plan to make a few extra bucks. She got items for free and plans to sell them on Facebook Marketplace.

“Someone in my apartment doesn’t know what Facebook Marketplace is. I keep seeing free stuff lying around,” she says in her video, panning her phone to show all the furniture that was up for grabs in her building.

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Andrea explains that she took a bookcase for herself. But she also noticed a not-too-shabby desk and frame lying around and couldn't fathom why anyone would just give these items away.

“I was just shocked at how pretty the frame was and why they weren’t even attempting to sell the desk on Facebook Marketplace. And then I got the genius idea to do it myself,” she said.

Andrea then showed us that she placed the desk on Facebook Marketplace — and it had already sold.

“I put it on for $20, got a million requests for it, and someone picked it up within two hours,” she reveals.

So to whoever is leaving your furniture out, please feel free to continue doing so,” Andrea says as she ends her video.

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You definitely have to give Andrea props for her quick thinking. And while Andrea is technically selling someone else's items and pocketing the money for herself, her listing is still undoubtedly one of the more honest listings on Facebook Marketplace. After all, there are people selling seemingly stolen furniture from McDonald's on there.

There are also people trying to charge $500 for someone to come remove a bomb from their property. If we could make that listing make sense, we would. But we can't.

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In the comment section, users had all types of thoughts.

"Imagine you’re scrolling through FB marketplace and see the furniture you set outside for free," one person teased, to which Andrea admitted that she was actually a little nervous about that.

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Another joked: "I would of made $500," insinuating that they would have jacked up the price. A third user claimed that they've actually been reselling other peoples' items and made over $2,000 within two years.

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However, the majority of folks seemed to have a somewhat negative opinion of Facebook Marketplace. And even though listing an item could mean that they'll have a few extra bucks lining their pockets, many claim they prefer to just donate their items.

"I donate everything because the people who buy from Facebook Marketplace in my area are super flaky and it's not worth it," wrote one user.

Others echoed similar complaints: "Facebook Marketplace sucks! I hate dealing with people asking stupid questions about the items. I would much rather just give it away to neighbors."

And as one user wrote: "Facebook Marketplace is for very patient people with lots of extra time."

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